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Hello I am looking for advice on finding accommodation in Ibiza. Me and my friend (both female) are flying out to Ibiza on 31st May and looking for accommodation until end of September.
We have heard the best place to look is the Ship Inn however with us not arriving till end of May not sure if anything will still be available. Does anyone have any contacts over in Ibiza or is anyone looking to share accommodation? Please reply thank you
Hi, I'm looking to share accomodation. I will be getting to ibiza the week after you. I was just going to go to the ship inn when I get there. But if you want another housemate to make up the numbers I would be interested.
hiya im looking 2 share accomadation as well will be arriving the same date as you and need 2 sort out some accomadation let me know if your intrested in sharing sarah xx
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