Accessing money in Ibiza



I'm an American who's never travelled abroad. I'm used to using ATM's here in the states when I need to get cash. I'm assuming I don't have access to my ATM network on the island. Any suggestions for getting access to cash for those that have travelled more?
Bro your ATM will work all over aint third world
travellers checkes

you should also be able to use travellers checks

fear not, your card will work in most of the "holes in the wall" - and congratulations on braving foreign shores especially when most of your brothers are pulling up the drawbridge.
couple of options

YES YOUR ATM will work :0 your'e not going to a backward country, make sure your ATM has cirrus star plus or either one on the back and you'll be fine.......

best bet from the US is use your Credit Card as much as xchange rate....

Take travellers checks

and cash

every hotel should have thick steel lockers on the main floor (jet apartments) wher eyou can lock your stuff up for a week

hope that helps
Much thanks for the advice. Yes, I'm showing my ignorance but I appreciate you all setting me straight!
can i pay with Solo card?

does anyone know if clubs and hotels accept Solo (Maestro) debit cards? In Sliema I paid for almost every icecream this way...
Watch out for the ATM in San An at the bottom of the West End (the one just before u turn the corner to go right towards the harbour). It eat my friends card twice in 2 years.