Absolutely inlove with IBIZA


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Im absolutely in love with that island!!!! And so depressed i can not visit this year :( :(

I was there just once in my live, in year 2000, i was just 20yo, and man.. so great was it there i can not wait to repeat... and that that i live in Madrid and have Ibiza quiet near... but need really to make friends there and visit...

I hope i can visit this year some weekends in August and September. Maybe any closing party... Sunday Space Closing Party?? :p :p or maybe Manumission Closing Party :twisted: :twisted:

Just want to knew some people around there guys... would be very interesting to make friends all around and then meet there!!!

Well gotta go for now.. im at work... hope to see some responses soon... get in touch with me guys...

SEE YA!!!! 8) 8) 8)
There's quite a few of us on the island August/September time. I think everyone will be posting exactly where they are closer to the date to get everyone to meet up. ;)
There will be quite a few of us there in September time, so I'm sure we'll be meeting up somewhere.

Although we'll need to make it a bit more obvious as I was a bit worried about walking up to random people in Bora Bora last year, asking if they posted on the Ibiza Spotlight forum incase they thought I was crazy :rolleyes:
Ibiza Fun

I know the meaning of that... walking up to someone and asking him if hes from some forum or maybe from some internet chats!!!

But i have to repeat!!! I NEED TO GO THERE IN AGUST-SEPTEMBER.. have a lot of party and make a lot of new friends... both girls and guys welcome :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

But also by the way... WHO IS NOT CRAZY I LOVE the SPANISH "LOCURA" ;)

See ya soon all!!! Will be posting some more soon... im at work now!

PS: Just talked with a friend who is at the moment in Ibiza and told me SPACE OPENING was incredible....

PS2: I could not go to SPACE OPENING but also have a INCREDIBLE PARTY at Saturday until Monday morning :lol: :lol: at DIVINO MADRID