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Is Ibiza gay friendly and where are the best clubs and beaches to go? I love good clubber's musik. thanks
yes ibiza is most definately gay friendly, it is a large part of the nighlife in ibiza....

the best clubs to go to are prob space and pacha, and for some gays nights, prob wednesday and sundays@amnesia.

There is also a gay club called Anfora which is situated n the gay part of ibiza town....

One gay night you can't miss is Pacha Scandal on sundays(@Pacha of Course)... The best night for gay people with La Troya@Amnesia on wednesday...

The Anfora is situated in the old Ibiza. If you're looking for pubs, you can go to the Dome in the center of Ibiza, or to the Soap Cafe next to it... There are also some pubs in the old Ibiza, like La Muralla...
Oh... and try the little restaurant where gay people use to go named Los Passarejos... it's tiny, but you'll eat perfect food, for nothing... (Always in Ibiza town, just ask for it, it's near Calla de le Virgen).

Don't know much of San An... Don't like it that much :confused:

About beaches, there is one well know of the gay people, is Es Cavalet, once there just ask for the beach named Chiringay... There is also Sa Trinxa (Salinas). But try to find some beautifull little beaches by your own... it's always worth it...


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