a song for your funeral


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inspired by mambobirdettes post on the "best sunset tune"

what would u lot have,me id go for something happy lovestoryVfinally,something to get the church dancing but if it was an emotional tune it would be unfinished synpathy.

any1 else or is this a tad too depressing to think about at the mo.
I think I would have Mansun - Wide open space or maybe Praise cats - shine on me :lol: there are so many I just love can't make up my mind :confused:
bit morbid matey. U ever seen To Die for - with Nicole Kidman- where she plays that tune at Matt Dillon's funeral?? - CHEESE ON TOAST OR WOT?!
Mine would be No Regrets- Robbie

And I also like Dreamin' - Loleatta Holloway the one thats on the hed Kandi Vol 3...excellent tune, I'm sure that ine would bring me back to life actually :eek:
I mean -sure, id look like a f***ed up zombie from the dead- but who doesnt come 2pm monday morning at dc-10! :lol:
id go for something happy lovestoryVfinally

Had never thought bout it before but it would have to agree with u Nitefly, absolutely adore this tune :)
I reckon one of either:

1. Dr Who theme tune
2. Great Escape theme tune
or....3. Firestarter - Prodigy

re: Shakedown...I wouldn't be alive.....I'd just probably raise an arm and point in the air (it's a natural thing to do to the Kid Creme mix)....i'd love to see everyone's face if that happened - scare the sh1t out of 'em...I like that :D :twisted:
iI'd have Kid Creme - Austins Groove.

But Id play it from the break, where he says

"A man barely alive, we can rebuilfd him, we have the technology..."
James "On Top of the World" lovely, but very depressing, would have the crowd of thousands, weeping in the aisles...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

:cry: :cry: :cry:
The End - The Doors.

F*&K all of that "I don't want people to mourn me, I want everyone to be happy and celebrate my life".
I'd want everyone to be gutted and not get over it for years!
stick to mi girls like glue
sean paul...ruff enuff for you
I may have to start planning this sooner than expected if I don't get over this flu thing soon




sorry about yesterday drew but tings were going down in a big way
sort of lost my cool
bigup to you and nuff respect