A short film about chilling

The whole "mellow" thing got to be a bit of a bore pretty quickly. It was alright in a club early in the night but a lot of people wanted something a lot more upbeat after a couple of hours of that stuff. 808 State got fed up with the mellow stuff and went home and made "Cubik" to counter all the mellowness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxoFUiihvr0
Really captures the post acid spirit of 1990...I loved the music that came out that year! 8)

Great nostalgia trip thanks!

Now tempted to buy all the Boys Own fanzines (they've re-released them all through DJ History haven't they?) :eek:
00:10 St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart(Mix of Two Halves)
02:50 Movement 98 - Joy and Heartbreak
04:52 Hypnotone - Dream Beam
06:51 My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall Mix)
08:08 L.U.P.O. - Hell or Heaven
09:02 The Source featuring Candi Staton - You Got the Love(Eren’s Bootleg)
10:17 Westbam - Hold Me Back
11:36 Bocca Juniors - Raise(63 Steps To Heaven)
12:50 808 State - In Yer Face
16:33 The Orb - A Huge Evergrowing(Loving You)
19.20 Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter
20:10 JT And The Big Family - Foreign Affair
20:59 The Grid - Floatation
23:16 The Farm - Groovy Train
27:04 New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big (Baka)
28:30 The Shamen - Pro>gen
29:27 Voices of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba
32:03 A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head
35:15 Primal Scream - Come Together (Weatherall Mix)
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