A return to Ibiza?!


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I went to Ibiza last year for the first time and absolutely LOVED it :)
It was an amazing holiday. 6 of us girls went in total and we just had loads of fun. All being Ibiza newbies!

I'm debating whether to make a return this year or not. I'm wondering what the closing parties are like? I was sad I didn't get to Pacha - F*ck me I'm Famous.

Can anyone let me know what the closing parties are like and whether it is worth staying at Hotel Rocks or not? :)

Thankyouu x
your not forced to stay at ibizarocks.only one i can say that i have been to.is space.unreal.bigger choice of music and dj line up.pick a room or outdoor area of your choice.
closing parties

Hi of course you should go back to ibiza if all you girlies had an amazing time! Im a girly who loves the place too ive been a few times in july and august but last year I went in september for the closing parties, I did Subliminal@Pacha, Cream@Amnesia and Welove @Space. The first two clubs I had been to before and they were both incredible again but i'd never done Space so this was one I was looking forward to most but sadly ended up being disappointed, I agree with the post above it is huge and had a great choice of music but it was the atmosphere that let it down it was so so busy that you couldnt move, the club didnt flow well between all the different rooms, lots of people being generally unpleasant, pushing and shoving, not the best happy ibizan club spirit! That said im not gonna give up on the place ill probably give it another go on another night not a closing party. I think I would have enjoyed Space much more back in the day when it was open in the day im kicking myself that in previous years I was too clubbed out to make it whoops!