A quick review of my first Eivissa Experience...


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Got there on sunday 21st July, first off to Space:

Firstly amazed by the size, good sound quality and sexy atmosphere. Moved to back of terrace near big fan which was morew than essential. Watched Morillo and Lawler rock the place before moving inside for Layo & Bushwacka. Inside is massive too and altough air conditioned gets really sweaty. The sound system is immense but i wasnt keen on going from the sun drenched terrace to a dark progressive room. Appauled at drinks prices- Surely water shouldnt be so expensive given its importance in a very hot place swarming with dehydrating drug fuelled clubbers? The price was worth it for the beauty of the club though.

Tried to make it to DC10 but after 16 hours dancing the day before gave it a miss. Rested all day monday and watched the sunset at Mambo which sent shivers down my spine.

Rennaisance tuesday@Amesia...huge club but the main room isnt as big as i thought it would be...terrace is bigger and aesthetically amazing. we got there at 1am when it was half full. It never really filled up but the ice machine didnt fail to impress and the atmosphere was intense. Hernan Cattaneo and Timo Mass played impressive sets despite me not really liking progessive music.

Subliminal@ Pacha wednesday...Got there early (12:30) so we could explore a bit- the club is huge and has loads of rooms. It soon filled up and Harry Choo Choo Romero played a good set, as did Darren Emerson. The bass in the club is greater than any other i have ever been to. The sheer size and beauty of the club blew me away. Lots of show off and try-hard fashion people but most were dancing so it wasnt a bad thing. Saw a quite a few famous people but dont like name dropping.

These 3 were the main clubs we went to on rotation. Went to Es Paradis once but hugely regretted it- pretty inside but wasted on beer boys.

Bora Bora was easily the most enjoyable dancing experience- completely free and one of the best atmospheres on the island.

Went to the cream night at Amesia and it was dreadful- over crowded, full of drunks and people shouting "OI OI!" and no atmosphere. Best to go on either fridays or tuesdays.

Regrets- not making it to Salinas. Not spending enough time in Ibiza town. Going to Westend.

Rough prices:

San Miguel in Space/Pacha- 8 euros
Vodka Limon in above clubs- 10 euros
small bottle of water- 6 euros

Space entrance with flyer- 35 euros
Pacha entrance with flyer- 40/45 euros
Amnesia entrance with flyer- 30 euros

OK not exactly quick but having just got back today, iam having trouble compiling all my thoughts onto one page.

Ibiza tunes:

Layo & Bushwacka- Love Story
Robbie Rivera- Sex
Harry Choo Choo Romero- hold your head up
Josh one- Contemplation
Chicken Lips- He Not in
Wink- Superfreak

loads more i cant remember

bye for now

Rough review man...now just settle in and wait for the depression to kick in...trust me, its a...umm..."fun" experience to say the least...hahahahha

Lots of show off and try-hard fashion people

hahahahha...i dont think theres anything wrong with that. Individuality and freedom of expression are what makes Ibiza sooo great!!!

... amazing ... thnx for wringin out your memories ...
funny ... had the celeb experience @ subliminal myself...
But my sensations are not always reliable...
Darren E rules !
We were in Space the same day/night as you,Morillo was superb,the Terrace was unbelieveable,we got there about 10 and the atmosphere just stunned us,never seen anything or felt anything like it.Anyone reading this who has yet to go to Ibiza and has heard all sorts of bad things about Space,IGNORE them and just GO,the Terrce has to be seen to be believed!Water too expensive though.
P.S.-Me and my brother are convinced that there was a small Indian old lady wandering around in the main room on the same night while Jeff Mills was on,can anyone else who was there on Sunday 21st July confirm this,or had we totally lost it?
There was a strange looking black woman who also had a willy wandering about. She got her boobs out on the main podium on the terrace and everyone gave her 10 meters space- a strange thing to see in such a rammed club