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Pity being a newbie n'all, that my first post is a boring Q bout apts..but well its gotta be done..U C stupid travel agents double booked us (bf&I) into the Jets so now have moved us to the Sirenis Jabeque..so was wondering if anyone here on the Ibiza bible board knows much bout them? I loved the idea of the Jets being down on the beach, so close to Space etc, and dont quite fancy playing dodge the buggy when Im goggle eyed in the am. Travel agents said they're as good if not better, but they would wouldn't they..so peeps whats the deal??? :?:
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Dates I was there: 1st Sept - 8th Sept
Were I stayed: Apparthotel Jabeque - great rooms, safe, far enough from planes, great location (close to Ibiza Town and Bora Bora - in the middle)
Club nights visited: We Love Sundays (Sasha Birthday), Circo Loco, Four:Four (Seaman, Fortier, Ornadel), Renaissance (Sander K, Youssef), Underwater (X-Press 2, Emerson), Ibiza Underground (Sander K), MOS (Sandy Rivera, Full Intention), Be Yourself (Danny Tenaglia), and some carry-ons
Best night: Underwater @ Pacha - the club, the music, the crowd.. everything was perfect!
Worst night: Four:Four - Bad turnout, Ornadel sucks big time, and Fortier played too much of an oldskool prog trance set
Best Bar: KM 5
Best place to eat: Ibiza has some really bad food PLUS I didn't eat much
Money spent: Excluding flights and hotels, about 800 euros
biggest regret: Not making it to Sander K's villa, and arriving too late Sunday @ Space
going back: I will probably take a year off next year and come back in 2004; but it would be easy to twist my arm into coming back next summer
Top Tip: Do not miss Underwater or Sander K.. Go to KM5.. Visit the islandBack to top
Cheerz rustywoo Im feelin a little more at ease..mad excited really only 5 wks to go!!!! :D :D and sure its just a base for the suitcase really!
rustywoo said:
Worst night: Four:Four - Bad turnout.

I was there the very same night in September last year, was very quiet, ended up leaving by 1 or 2 am.