A quick but embarrassing question



What track does PVD get the ethereal female vocals from on the recording of him at Amnesia aug 2002? The track emerges in the beginning of this recording and at the end. It is very cool to me and elicits a smile and euphoric mood from me each time I hear it.
Any ideas?
TY Sara ;) but I am afraid that is not it. :cry:
My wife and I sat down and cranked that recording up and listened intently. I think it isn't even english. lol

Took just a sec to find Noemi: "You" that was mixed in later on in the set.

I was hoping that some of the dj's might read my quest for this music.

Oh well.
I just found the track listing
Track list:
01. The Bass Tarts - Summer In Space
02. Klea - Tic Toc (Paul van Dyk Rework)
03. 040 Feat. Erica Baxter - Dreams (Remix)
04. The Moon feat. Nu-NRG - Supersonic
05. Marco V - Atlanta 02-02-2002
06. Syntax - Pray
07. Three Drives - Carrera 2
08. Armin van Buuren - Sunburn
09. Oceanforce - Euphoric Dream (Oceanforce Mix)
10. Nu NRG - Butterfly
11. Ghostland feat. Sinead O´Connor - Guide me God (Paul van Dyk Remix)
12. Solid Sleep - Club Attack (TPOD Mix by Paul van Dyk)
13. Connector - Interference (Paul van Dyk Rework)
14. Blank & Jones - Secrets & Lies (Solid Sessions Mix) (Paul van Dyk rework)
15. Paul van Dyk - Another Way (Club Mix)
16. Noemi - Y.O.U. (Mezziah Mix)
17. Sun Decade - I'm Alone (Ronski Speed Mix)
18. Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You
19. Marco V - I Feel You (Paul van Dyk Remix)
20. Angelic Touchdown - Marinero (Nu-NRG Extended mix)
Where did you find that tracklist mate?

By the way, totally know what you're on about regarding that song, it makes me feel dizzy hearing it cos I totally rememebr PVD playing it when I was there!
Actually, I found it here first --> http://pub61.ezboard.com/fdjmixes2kfrm1.showMessage?topicID=187.topic

Some d00d further down that page goes to great length just to tell you when each track starts! :eek:

I was thinkin about that when I realized that as I was choppin up that set to put on CD, I intently listened to each nuance of the track mixing. Paul is a mixing genius no doubt---course I'm kinda biased by the fact that I am into trance, psytrance/goa stuff. Maybe it was all those drugs way back when.....


By the way, if anyone wants my rendition of this set, I can send it via msn messenger. Send me a PM and we'll hook up. I equalized the session and brought up the vocals and midrange. Each track is faded in an out at appropriate times and I hacked out the radio dj and some monotonous stuff.
Look for clanX_shiva on msn if ya want it. Yes, I am a gamer as well :D