A question about Suicide

Do people with very large P-Ps ever kill themselves?

I'm not talking about accidents during Auto-Erotic-Asphyxiation.

I mean if you're able to blow yourself, is there ever really a moment when you can be so unhappy that you have to off yourself in another way?

Perhaps I've really hit on something here.

Does the incidence of suicide increase as schelong size decreases? Iin other words, the smaller the P, the greater the unhappiness?

I'll have to write my congressman:

Dear Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee;

I've been thinking recently that people with small shlongs are at more at risk for suicide. You ever know a motherfcker to kill hissef that had a big one? Me neefer. I think we should spend some of that money we voted ourselves today on a study to see what we can do for people with little peters offing them selves. Maybe if we bought them all blow-up dolls and lube, we could make suicide all but non-existent. Could you please sponsor the new "Small Peter Suicide Prevention Bill?" Give a little guy a way to get off, instead of a way to get off. It's catchy and it's as important as anything you've contributed so far anyway.

I also think it's important to see if we can spend some money on finding a pill that lets you eat as much as you want, not have to work, and never get old.

Your constituent,

Joe 9th Ward Public.
So, you're from Houston then, eh LGD&DB? That could explain some things :lol:

I've met Sheila Jackson Lee... decent woman. Feigned truly sincere interest in whatever it was I babbled at her.
Actuall, my home town was wiped out by Katrina.

No land left either, just foudations under about an inch of water at low tide.

Little end of the world town called Hopedale in Louisiana.

Long ago and far away.

What's LGD&DB? Dava and Busters perhaps?

I've met Congresswoman Lee as well and her constiuincy is an insult to intelligence.

Our hurricanes dont have black enough names? what the F?

To miss-quote someone more famous than I,

"The ability to spake does not guarantee intelligence."