a question about Pin-Up


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whats the opening times for this club? and what kind of music should i expect?

reading on this site, it says "there is a great vibe there every Monday evening after DC10"....

what time does it open on the monday?

i'm guessing pin-up is just like a normal club with regards to opening hours.

i see sander klienenberg is spinning there on the 11th of september.
Its primarily a terrace club so opens early evening.

On Monday - the best night, you should arrive at about 8-9 to get the full experience.....the terrace then closes at midnight (this is for every night). There is a smaller section inside that is open later....but I confess I didn't go in it so can't give you an opinion.

A few promoters ie Garlands wanted to start the parties a lot earlier, like 4.00pm but it just didn't work unfortunatley.