A.M. after parties

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Am i right in saying that the only morning party on thursday 3rd July is the LA troya afterparty in space. Whats this party like, is it mainly a gay theme. I arrive that morning and we were going to go straight to one of the after parties. Is there any other ones going off.
Space is your best bet for Carry Ons. La Troya will be quite gay but we've been before after Subliminal so you get mixed crowd.

I like your style-ee, arriving and getting straight on it :p :D
You will have soooooo much fun at La Troya. The crowd is just totally mental. It’s a predominantly gay crowd but as with the rest of Ibiza, pretty much anything goes. I went when it was at Amnesia a couple of years ago and I’ve never seen anything like in my life. The terrace was completely rammed and they’d opened up the entire VIP room all the way around. The music was really funky and the crowd were really up for having a fantastic party. If you get intimidated by transvestites and men in men in leather shorts then its probably not for you but its not all like that. It’s a Spanish night so there are a lot of beautiful Spaniards there and people really do just go for the party. It goes on until the early afternoon.

I don’t know what its like now but when it was in Amnesia if you turned up after 7am they generally just open the doors and let you in for free.

Everyone was really welcoming and nobody really cared what sexuality, colour, nationality, you were. The night we went, we’d been to Subliminal beforehand then went to La Troya and stayed there til it closed and it is honestly one of the best nights out I’ve ever had in my entire life. :D
It’s not completely in your face its quite a mixed crowd. It’s a really open minded party and as I said pretty much anything goes. Its not the kind of gay party where guys just go to pick up other guys, everyone really is just there to party. :D