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Tony Hart died this weekend aged 83. :cry:

Never did get a picture up in the gallery but hey....

Artist and children's presenter Tony Hart has died, aged 83.

Hart, who lived in Surrey, had suffered from health problems for a number of years, including two strokes. His family said he died peacefully.
The affable presenter inspired children to paint and draw on shows like Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat for nearly 50 years before he retired in 2001.
Fellow artist Rolf Harris led tributes, calling Hart "a very gentle and talented guy".
"He enthused and inspired a whole generation of kids into creating their own works of art, simple or complex."
Hart's agent, Roc Renals, said the presenter had died in the early hours of Sunday morning.
He said: "I was for many years his best friend, agent, manager and publicist. He suffered two strokes many years ago and his health declined since then."
"Thousands and thousands of young people who are now grown up will thank him for inspiring them to take up art," he added.
Wilf Lunn, Hart's friend who worked with him on Vision On for nine years, said he was a television pioneer.
"His legacy was the fact he really started all these children's programmes, Art Attack and all that, and he was the guy, right at the beginning. "And he was the guy who had all these little tricks that teachers used to use because they make things look easy, and we got people into doing it. And he was such a nice man."
compulsive TV for me as a child

it was only years later I remember asking myself

who WAS Mr Bennett?
who were those pretty girls in the studio?
and whatever happened to all that art?

RIP Tony Hart

During the brief time I spent in UK as a kid, I watched regularly. He was a brilliant guy and the shows were great... My 3 year old still watches Morph DVDs and cracks up :lol:
I see the bloke who invented the kebab also popped it.

Can't think of anything funny regarding death and kebabs to add only skewered.

Please help out
I remember being scared of Morph as a child......then liking it. Lol.
I was more scared of the white one? What was his name?! :lol: