A few things before I go...



I'm all set to go but I need some help since it's my FIRST time going.

I know what clubs we're going to hit, but we don't know what time is a perfect time to show up. For example, we're going to see Erick M. and the Underwater party, but we want to get there at good times. Also, what time do the clubs close? Do people stay until the end or is there a time people start filtering out? Also what are usually the "peak" times of the night? We're planning on going to DC10 and we want to know what time to show up at before it's too filled?? And is DC10 only on Monday's??

As I said, it's our FIRST time so we just want to know these few things. And last but not least, what are the prices for the clubs and how do we get pre-paid tickets??? Thanks so much. We'll be in Ibiza the week of 14th of September.
Pacha usually gets going around 2.00am but its nice to get there earlier and chill for a bit on the terrace.

Pacha closes at 7.00am and is going off right to the death.

I would say get to DC10 around 4.00pm, then leave 9-10pm and go to PinUp (Playa D'En Bossa) for last couple of hours of terrace. You get then go downstairs after midnight and is quite busy till at least 2.00am. DC10's main day is Monday for Circo Loco.

Expect to pay around 45 Euro for clubs which includes a drink. You can buy tickets from shops all over the place. Just ask around.

Don't miss Space on Sunday. I would suggest getting there late afternoon. Terrace closes at midnight then you have 6 hours inside where the music is darker and quite progressive.