A Few questions..


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I went to ibiza in 07 with my friends and had a good time however this time it's different im going with the girlfriend.

Last time i stopped in San Antonio Bay and i thought it wasn't the best area and a bit to far out.

I'm planning on having a more relaxed holiday and not as much clubbing mainly meals out and exploring with a bit of clubbing.

I'm either thinking Ibiza Town or Santa Eulalia?

Can someone give me a break down of pro's and con's?
What part is the castle? some nice pictures on this board.

I want an area thats not to far out that requires a taxi every evening to get to nice resturants and bars.

Thanks in advance.
Start with the castle,if you are in the port area of Ibiza town,look up,if you don't see it turn around.
Both Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia have many restaurants,in fact SE has a street of them!
Both places have plenty of boat's,but only SE has beaches,the nearest beaches to Ibiza are Talamanca to the north or Figueretas south,then further to Playa den Bossa.
Decent bus and boat service between SE and Ibiza,and for any late nights, from June to sept the Disco bus. Last resort taxi! (for me anyway)
Cheers, Thinking of heading late sept 09 this to late for the closing parties and will stuff be open. How hot is it?
Yeh,pretty much everthing still open, september this year had a bit of rain.
Still warm, I think it's about 24 degrees average temp in september,but can be hotter.
I've been well scorched at just under 30 degrees in october before now!!!