A Few Questions before I go...


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- What's the best way of getting to the Zoo Project?
- Will I still be able to get tickets for the closing party when I arrive on 5th Sept?
- What are the drink prices like?

- On the Ibiza Rocks thread, it says there is a Tiesto, Cream, Wonderland etc... pool party between 3pm-5pm - What are they like?

- How busy is the Island at the moment?

I think I have a few more questions, but I have got a complete memory blank.....

If anyone could help, I'd be very appreciative!

9 days :D:D

or 6 working days...:D
I'm arriving about the same time as you. 8)

I remember drink prices being very reasonable last year, as compared to other clubs... Pitchers of sangria were good fun. Can't give you exact numbers though as my memory just isn't that good. :confused: I think beers might have even just been 3 or 4 euros.

- How busy is the Island at the moment?

I just got back and I think it's as quiet as I've known it. It was my 10th time and I usually go either 1st week in July or September, yet this was August and it was quieter. That's not to say it wasn't as good, I actually preferred it. Still busy yet room to dance and it's possible to get a drink within 5 mins at the bar.

I'd say it was about perfect. :D