A Dave Pearce/Trance Female Voc. Tune "Lal La La La....


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I've heard this on the essential selection sometime in July but can't work it out from the track listings... I heard it in EUPHORIA on 5/9 and it sounded pretty good.

Sorry the description is so vague but its all I can do!

It has a simular feal to Paul Van Dyk "BeAngeled", Poloroid "So Damn Beautiful", Kontact "Show me a sign".

There are no lyrics.

The only thing which really stands out is the female vocal "Lal La La Lal La La Laa Laaaa" which repeats a number of times Starting on a note and then dropping a couple by the end of the sequence (musically speaking! I could try and play it as a midi file if this get tricky!).

Any Assistance Mucho Appreciated!