A crazy crazy week..


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I left the u.s on the 26th hanged out in London for a few days, then headed off to Barcelona for 1 day. Barcelona is fantastic!! that is one city I'm intend to go again for just one whole week in itself as well as London. Reached Ibiza via the long 10 hour ferry which was kind of cool actually on the 30th. Actually the first day me and my mates got there it was raining which was rather scary. We stayed at Jet apartments which i have to say were absolutly fantastic. Clean, roomy, and absolutly convenient for everything. We saved tons of cash by buying food at the supermarket and cooking it up ourselves. We spent the first afternoon on the beach ofcourse, and than decided to go and chill in Ibiza town. We walked around and explored drank at the bars at the port and so on then we met up with 5 girls from Luxembourg. They were headed to "Kiss" nightclub. my mates and I had never heard of this club. One of the girls was making all the girls go becuase she had a thing with the bartender there and since there was 4 girls left and 4 of us guys left we just decided to tag along with them. The club was shitty, the music was shittier but all in all we had fun we danced all night with the girls chatted them up and so on.

Second day: 09 01 02
we got home around 5AM from Kiss, and got some sleep, hit the beach and then started to get ready for Space. Sasha's b-day !!! it was going to be incredible, or so I hoped!! Little did i know things would completly change!! We walked into the terrace around 8pm it was absolutly pumping!! sooo many people!! and it was unbelievably hot!! We dance like mad but it soon became really hard to even move around. Than Sasha came on!! The whole terrace was going crazy for him and the funniest thing happend. His first song his first mix or transition to it and he f*cked up!! It was soo funny everybody started chanting and clapping for Sasha but let me tell yah he didnt dissapoint at all. We danced for another few hours and than we ran into 2 girls from England they were the coolest girls i've ever met to date so we danced, drank a bit but 6 euros for a tiny water was just crazy especially when it was SOOOOOO HOT!!!!! so we went inside and pretty much missed the rest of Sashas set since there wasnt even enough room to go back to the terrace. We hung out inside for a while danced and so on there was plenty room, and then guess what?!?! One of the girls fainted right in my arms. None of us did any kind of drugs niether the girls nor the guys, she fainted from heat exhaustion and lack of water!!! it was around 2am or so.. SO grabbed her as she was about to hit the floor and took both girls back to Jet apartments fortunatly enough theyre really close by space. Gave the girl some Sugar water, and just tons of water after that ann then put her right to bed. I ended talking with the other girl all night long and to be honest i dont miss the fact that i missed the rest of the night at space at all.

Day 3: 02 09 02
pretty easy day really, hung out on the beach, than headed off to Pacha for Release yoruself with Roger Sanchez. Pacha is a beuatiful club i'll say, we danced for 5 hours straight.. stopped only once to drink a water. Roger Sanchez really know how to rock it was fantastic!!!! BUT!!!!!! I have nEVER ever seen so many clubbers just standing around looking. It felt like my mates and I were the only ones danceing!! It was becuase of that "snobby" vibe that ruined it for my mates but for myself i got totaly into the music and just danced up a storm i still had a fantastic time. Pacha threw a great party nonetheless.

Day 4: 03 09 02
Rented a Car which is a fantastic idea for anybody who really wants to Ibiza in its true glory!! Headed off to Salinas beach that day and i have to say its a gorgeous gorgeous beach with music blaring from Tropicana bar and all the beautiful people nude. Still i kind of like the hustle and bustle of Playa De'n BOssa beach or rather Pago Pago beach. This night we met up with the english girls again in San Antoni and watched the sunset at Cafe Del Mar and oh jeez what a sunset it was!! with like a 1000 people sitting there watching and clapping with you. We were all kind of hungry so decided to go to Savannah for some food but the lack of service and by lack of service i mean the rudest bunch of people i've ever met we decided to move down to the next bar/restaruant which was Sugar Sea. This ones got the big red lips in front of it if you ever go and it was great good food, good service definatly reccomend this place. after that we headed off to the girls hotel room so they could change, and than on to Coastline Cafe for the official pre-party, but unfortantly we were a little late and missed Armin Van Buren spinning there. We headed off to Eden after and wow what an incredible night. Not very packed, lots and lots of space to dance, and to be honest everyone says oh lots of "beer" boys and so on and in all honesty we were not bothered ONCE at eden it fantastic. Armin was fantastic, Guy Ornadel was pretty good.. but Dj Scott Project was a little too hard for me but all in all a fantastic night. After leaving around 6am with the girls we decided to watch the sunrise since we say the sunset alltogether so we hopped in our car we nickenamed Pepe and drove towards Playa De'n Bossa. We all ended up crashing at our place including the girls.

Day 5: 4 09 02
Hanged out on the beach in Playa Den Bossa, and than around 12 headed off for Namaste at Las Dalias restaurant. And wow we were not dissapointed beautiful beautifl place it was. Loved the ambiance definatly a hippie haven had a wondeful dinner there and just listend to the live music. we left around 2:30 and headed off for Amnesia for the La Troya/ Espuma Foam party and i have to say up until the Foam started coming down it had been the WORST night so far. SO many people kept walking past us and bumping into us, the music was AWFUL we just couldnt get into the vibe of dancing when every second minute someone would bump us. Almost felt like punching one of them. BUT!! Amnesia is a fantastic club!! i loved the dry ice cannon !! it was crazy!! some people would get nocked over becuase of it. then the foam started coming and oh my god was that scary and fun!! my mates and I were pretty much in the deepest part and the foam came up to my chest and i'm 6"2!! Trying to breath was sooo hard and so much fun!!! Had to help a couple girls out becuase there pretty much drowning!! The foam was absolutly fantastic had soooooooooo much in it! But the drive back to Jet apartments was NOT fun since we all already had a bit of a cold and the car we had rented was open air!

Day 6: 05 09 02

Met up with the english girls again and headed off to Cala San Vicente beach and do some sight seeing. It was a fun fun little beach mostly families but we sat around this nice little restaruant drinking Mahou and i have to say at that moment Mahou was the best tasting beer i've ever had!!! After spending the afternoon with the girls we dropped them off at there apartment and decided to meet up with them again and Ibiza town Port for some pre-drinks before we all head over to Amnesia for Cream!
By far the busiest night at the port tons of people drinking it was fantastic!! Had a great time just sitting there soaking it all in. Then we headed off for CREAAAAAAAAAMmmm a night i was really really looking forward to.. We got there started dancing like mad but i was sorely dissapointed when Dj Tiesto kept on playing house instead of Trance!! Kept on waiting and waiting and nothing still house. Amensia was packed and again its a beatiful and fun club. One of the english girls i was with which by now we were more than just friends kept getting bothered by some "beer boys" so we went off to other places and danced, i almost got knocked over by this very pushy girl who kept yelling "wanna buy some pills???" Unfortunatly the girls had to leave Ibiza that morning so my little english girl and i found a little corner and said our goodbyes.

Day 7
just the boys again.. we headed off for Cala D'hort beach and wow was it packed!! for a little cove like that there were soooo many cars! We sat on the cliff top and just stared at Es Vedra in Awe it was a beautiful site. I could some how sense a strange power from it. We headed off for the beach and just slept there for soo many hours. It was odd all 4 of us just completely passed out on the beach and it was the nicest bit of sleep i've gotten all that week. We decided to take this night off since we'd been clubbing very hard all week already. We just ended up at Ibiza port again had a few drinks and then decided to go explore old Ibiza town within the fort. It was absoltuly amazing since there was nobody around at 1:30am and we just walked the cobblestone steps and tiny streets in awe of the place. Fantastic view from the top of the fort it was absoltuly amazing seeing all of Ibiza town lit up at 2am. We ended up back at our apartment in bed by 3am though for some badly needed sleep.

Day 8

WOWOWOWOWOW all i can say Danny T @ Privelige for Be yourself. GOrgeous club and absolutly pumping vibe!! there was only two of us since my other two mates were just too tired and sick to come. it was a fantastic fantastic night probably one of the best. It was amazing watching Danny T enjpoining himself up there in the Dj Booth. WHen people wanted to take his picture he would pose for them and do silly stuff. And with the flood lights he would also turn his Fans the ones on the booth towards the crowd ofcourse he would turn them back but i have to say he was the funnest Dj to watch. he really set a fantastic mood, although i'm not too into house music his set was pure class!@!! My friend and I were dog tired and just going simply on Redbull alone and we just couldnt stop dancing and going nuts!!!! Pure pure classy night had sooo much fun.

Day 9..
we checked out and just rested on the beach until the ferry came.. that was that.. So long Ibiza thanks for the fantastic time!

Sorry for this review being so long.. you just really cant say everything in a few sentences....
Hi SeriousDanger!

1) Fully agree with you about the service at Savannah. I went there twice (both times in the afternoon) - the first time I queued at the bar to get a drink, got ignored for ten minutes then finally told I was standing in the wrong place... and the second time I thought I'd learned my lesson, so sat outside and waited for someone to come serve me... and waited... and waited... and then got up and left.

2) Oh, okay, so now I'm confused about whether Tiesto was actually on at Cream on 05 September - but whatever, I fully agree with you that the music was not what I was expecting!

Glad you had a great time - we were in the same place at the same time twice (GK and Cream)!

Tiesto didn't show up at Cream on the 5th. I don't know who played instead.
I heard it was Guy Ornadel that took over... I only know this because the girl in the party in front of me in the taxi queue went over to ask someone from the club - because she'd had a bad time too.

fantastic review.

it looks like DT at privilege was one of the events of the summer. glad you enjoyed