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i was strolling through the plaza del parque tonight when i noticed how nice herry's bar looked. and then i noticed that they had expanded through into the old barbershop next door. it brought back lots of memories because in days of yore my lovely wife and i would be esconced there with a pint each in the sunshine and she would pop next door to the charles jourdan girlie shoe shop and then i would nip into the barber's for a shave with a cut-throat razor and a red hot steamy towel. boys, if you've never had a real shave - you can still get one in ibiza if you look hard enough....
Where can you get one?

I would gladly pay to be shaved every other day when on holiday!
sorry boys, i'll get back to you with a few names and addresses in good time for your visit. most of my visits are spare of the moment things and i can never remember where i've been.
Might sound wierd, but I have always wanted to experience this. Is the shave truly as close and smooth as we are lead to beleive?

I remember Alan Wicker having a cut throat shave from a blind guy on his travels, said it was the smoothest shave he ever experienced.

I think it's illegal in uk?
I managed to get a shave from a barber in bahrain just before xmas and believe me it is well worth the money.
Its a really refreshing experience! To be totally honest I was absolutely shitting myself about it :oops: :oops:

After he finished he gave me an indian head massage aswell.


So if you can find the right barber, defo go for it (but i'd get your mate to go first :lol: )
Saffy pops this back to the top ... I know Mike would love one of these too .......
WeLuvIbiza said:
I think it's illegal in uk?

Nah, definitely NOT illegal - seen it on a TV programme about speed dating a few weeks back - it showed a barber in London shaving one of the daters.

I quite fancy it as well - I know fine that no barbers up here do it though.