A/C or not, end of July



Hi there, I would appreciate some suggestions on the heat factor in booking our accomodation for our first time in Ibiza. We are arriving for 9 days at the end of July and I'm wondering if air conditioning is pretty much a necessity. We are planning on partying pretty hard for many of the nights, so sleeping during the day will be a necessity. Is it worth the extra cost for A/C or is it bearable without? Thanks for your advice!!

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Can't wait to experience the magic!
Personally I would find a place with a/c. It really does get hot! We didnt have any last year so we rented a fan-didnt really do the job though.

If you can afford the extra-go for it
A/C was never a concern for me in Ibiza -- I never had a room with a/c in Ibiza and it didn't bother me; but then again I grew up in the Caribbean without a/c.
Depends what you are used to and the hotel. Some I have stayed in were cool and airy others were sweatboxes that had you soaked with sweat within seconds of towelling after a shower. However it never really bothered me that much. Now I would pay extra for aircon if given the chance but wouldnt ditch a good hotel because it doesnt have it.
I've got to have air conditioning. There is nothing worse than getting ready to go out at night in a hot sweaty humid room :rolleyes:
Hi Club canada,

We are going at the end of July also and we have gone for apartments with A/C as it gets pretty hot. Last year we stayed in apartments which just had fans but they were pretty noisy (and it just blows the hot air about) so couldn't put them on when we were trying to sleep. Also we couldn't have the balcony doors open as it was a family place and the loud poolside entertainment for the kids started at 9am!!! We are staying at the Xaloc in San An Bay this year, no poolside entertainment and A/C in all the rooms, yipeee! If I were you I'd pay the extra, you're on holiday so treat yourself!

Cheers, Laura.
Have to agree with everyone else here - If A/C is an option then go for it.

It's worth it to have a nice cool environment when you need it.
Defo A/C! Yeah, during the day you're expecting the heat but when you're plannin on going out, just coming back in or just chillin in your room for a bit and buckets are appearing on your skin, it's not pleasant.