A bit of help for 2004


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Right you lot I need your help!

A mate has just suggetsed that we should go out to Ibiza for the summer, so now my head is spinning :rolleyes: . Ive been wanting to do it for a while and I think that if I was to do it, this would be my last year to. So can anyone give me any advice/info whatsoever? I have been to San An the last couple of years and was planning to go to Playa Den Bossa this year so Im not a complete newbie as far as Ibiza and/or clubbing is concerned.

Anyway heres a few burning qestions:-

When is the best time to get out there?

Which type of work is better, PR or bar work?

Roughly how much do you get paid?

How much should I expect to pay for accomadation?

If anyone can answer any of the questions or just give any sort of advice Im sure there will be quite a few appreciative people.

Cheers :D :D
Go for it chuck! I remember I was dead nervous before I went out the first time, never worked in PDB myself but heard its a good crack! San An & Ibiza town is just absolutely supa fly though!!! It feels mega daunting knowing that you can't really arrange anything before you go out there (job/accom) unless you've been out working b4 but seriously...chill out!
As for ur Q's, ill give it ago but there are sooooo many answers to be honest... :rolleyes:

1. First time I went was May 12th ish, this is loadsa time for finding job and accom ok. There is always something about if you aint a picky peep!
2. Any work is damn ass hard and you will work for your wages- maybe 10 hour shifts aint unusual! There are a few places about that pay quite well so get in there quick.
3. See above.
4. We paid about 900 euros between 4 girls I think and our place was s**t hot- great location, clean etc but at the end of the day its only a place for head down.

Whatever you do good luck and don't worry, most of the people are in the same boat and the workers are a wicked little Ibiza bunch helpin each other out! :lol:

I must have liked it...going back for my third year! :twisted:
Any more help get in touch!
ahhh ibiza-lou....

I NEED HELP...and i reckon your the person to GIVE IT ME!!!

im 25 ibiza virgin, had enough of this CRUDDY SHITE and have decided a summer of fun is for me...my friend wants to come but im saying NO

i wanna have an adventure...im scared though, i need some girlies to share with etc

I did do alot of work for Cream for Mo in 2002/3? Reveal yourself mystery man?!!! :lol: Or am I totally not who you thought I am!!!! Hehee! Check out Lou's News if u wana know exactly who........ :eek:
think ur someone else, u would remember me if ur who im thinkin of :)

wheres this news thing then? sure I read it somewhere before last year!