a big shout out for the pound...


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this winter i copped the hump and said i ain't going to ibiza in summer until the exchange rate hits 1.20e to £ and if it don't get there i'll go to tunisia or sharm or what ever.......but i keep looking at the pictures and the forum and notice that were at 1.0947 today so only another 10% needed...so come on the pound you can do it..p.s i've got 12 days off from 7th may so make it sharp
double check info ok.thats for non european places.

It doesnt charge a load fee in Europe (from 1 June it'll charge 0.84% for worldwide spending, rising to 1% in July), doesn’t charge ATM fees and is interest free (unless you’re overdrawn
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try post office credit card

post office credit card

0% commission on purchases overseas
0% on balance transfers1 for first 12 months2

0% purchases for first 3 months
0% again on new balance transfers for 5 months1 in the month of your 1st and 2nd anniversary

Interest rate when you use your card classic 18.32% Platinum 15.76%
high rate but who cares if full amount is paid off every month with a direct debit you cant get into debt that way
ideal for abroad as a back up

link http://www.postoffice.co.uk/portal/po/jump1?catId=19300206&mediaId=19400177

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