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Ibiza Underground

Anyone know of a web page or facebook page for this?

Google search comes back with a load of tw ats in hats in a london club night of the same name.

Just a quick question about underground. I used to go loads when i did the season 3 years ago and loved it, so was wondering how easy it is to get invites now that i don't really know anyone working out there. I'm going in august for a week and would love to have at least one night at underground.
invites are not really needed.

for girls its free entry, for boys you pay 10€ and get a free drink, which is approaching 10€ anyway.
They used to stick you on the G-List if you emailed them. But to be honest as Grego said, your just as well to pay.

Man, I miss Underground.
ha ha when we used to go, my mate would make out he was doing us all a big favour by getting us in to some top secret party ha
Underground Ibiza.

Ok, following on from threads with stories about the hidden gems in Ibiza, I have decided that this trip will be the one where I catch up with all the things I've been meaning / wanting to do. We're hiring a car so that we can visit some of the alternative bars, restaurants and beaches.

I always visit Ibiza with my girlfriend and in the past I have been loathe to drag her to any parties she didn't fancy (she's a Hed Kandi / Tiesto sort of girl) so I have never been to Cocoon or DC10, neither have I visited Underground.

I always (mistakenly, i now realise) felt that it was sort of exclusive so never made any real effort to go.

Could some forum members share their experiences? What sort of music should I expect?, what is the door policy?, how expensive are the drinks compared to the bigger clubs?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I went once on a Friday night a couple of years ago.

I didn't have an invite so I paid (if memory serves) 17 euros to get in, including one drink.

Nice techno, good atmosphere, great outdoor area for chill-out moments. It wasn't packed but just enough people to be fun.