___ Folk Ibiza 2010 ___

Not till April/May now. Was mean't to be over Christmas/New Year however my sister-in-law is expecting a new baby so we put off the big family Christmas ( :( ) so we could manage over and see the new arrival ( :) ).

I'm gonna be pretty tight moneywise for Ibiza in June (just for a change!) but I've got options available to me :lol:

I am definitely going in June.
Saw this and thought Real Ale and the Wurzels.....
But I guess it's somerthing else.

Indeed. Unfortunate naming. I wondered if they'd be too hot in Ibiza in their knitted tofu jumpers and their weirdy beards.:lol:
Saw a programme last night featuring a female folk singer from the 60's ? Byers. She had the most amazing voice and was very very good on the acoustic guitar.
did she knock about with a bloke called dillon - a skinny lad who played the mouth organ sometimes?
decent prices on ryanair from prestwick man

not looked at september but i presume they will be just as cheap, even with the £30 baggage charge
Definitely up for that, just checked my calender and I'm in Ibiza then to, good stuff. will buy tix when they get released.