9th visit. First ever review


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This is the first time that I have written a review of my time in Ibiza even though this was my 9th visit.It is always something that I always wanted to do but never had the time.
Evissa holds a lot of special memories for me……Fab nights/days while I was growing up to become a mature man lol

I even got engaged there………..no longer with the girl though.

Ive got dark skin but with a tan I get a lot of locals speaking to me in Spanish or Italians. Nothing more embarrassing to try & explain that im not with a Scottish accent so I took up Spanish/Italian last year which is coming along quite nicely.

Before I was going to fly out to (my 2nd home) Evissa. I had all my nights planned…..as you do but usually some don’t materialize. Also wondering if anything has changed, the towns/clubs/beaches/prices etc.

This year I was staying in Hotel Don Toni (Playa das bossa). As a 31 year old now, bossa or Ibiza town is my preferred choice to stay. Don’t get me wrong ive done the San Ann thing when I was 21>23 & still visit when im there. Place has changed quite a lot which was for the better……….

You can’t beat the feeling when you arrive & walk out of the airport. Usual taxi to my pad…..I found last year especially that the taxi drivers ripped you off with there prices but only 10 euro to bossa, I couldn’t grumble…

Hotel was first class to be honest. 5 minute walk to Space/fab sea view looking over Sands/food was good as well.

First time I have done the half board thing & would certainly advise everyone to give it a go...especially the price of eating out the now with the euro.

I could go day by day reports but will just give bullet points or I would be here all day.


Major changes on bossa beach, new beach bars & pre-parties. Sands & Ushuaia were my port of call so to speak. Really nice layout & the loungers were comfy as hell.
Drink prices varied but Sands are doing get 2 cocktails for the price of one. 10 to 12 euro depending on what you drink. Music was chilled during the day but at night the music cranks up & the party is in full swing. Pre parties for Hed Kandi @ Sands on Saturday which I saw Peyton doing a live P/A belting out some classic Kandi tunes. Also Tong played a set when I was there,

Don’t know if this will be a regular thing but I did here Wonderland pre-parties were going to start up.

Bora Bora: I could go on a rant about the place but one statement will sum it up. I got engaged there in 2002 & the place has fizzled out like my engagement….Place was quiet compared to usual & also stated that a girl was thrown out for recording a video……..Ill still go back every year cos it holds so many great memories for me & they did play Calebra – shake it.

Drink price 18 euro for 2 drinks.

Clubs/Nights out:

We Love Space on Sunday:

Was looking really forward to this one especially that Lawler was playing. He went off the boil a few years back especially the last time I saw his at Space (Viva on a Thursday)
True to form his music was bang on & his mixing was tight as usual. Can always remember a night in Mambo 2002…..My ex was talking to a few girls in the toilet who asked us to join them. When we got to the table Lawler was there with a few mates. Had quite a lot to drink & few smokes with him….it turned out to be a very messy night...

Also saw Jason Bye & Ulysses who banged out some good numbers. Place was busy but not over packed. 30 Euro to get before 6 with 1 pass-out so it was ideal cos I went
to the shop for some drinks so we could get a wee charge for going back in……….

Hed Kandi:

Brilliant move for the Kandi boys. El diveno was a really good night but over packed. Not the case with Space, Plenty of room & the music was right on the money. Only slight downside was Nu Disco….music was turned down to the bare minimum after 12 so it was back into the terrace for some more hand bag music. Left about 3 after the live P.A from Peyton & Laura on Sax. 10 euro before 11 & 20 euro before 12……Top night.

Release Yourself – Mambo & Amnesia.

Mambo is still one of my favourite places to go to see the sunset / pre-party. Had a day rest after Kandi & WLS so was right up for this one but im biased cos Sanchez
is the best about for me. Some cracking tunes & got my picture with the S Man.
Now I wasn’t going to go to Amnesia but your plans can change so often. Not a big trance fan but like Above & Beyond who I would have went to see but no show this year
in Evissa. I had been listening to some Armin sets before I left who Id seen back in 2001….. Dash Berlin (Man on the Run) Nik C mix... is a top tune

The terrace was sublime & Sanchez was cranking up the notch with every tune that was played. Laidback Luke…oh god, Electro, Dark Beat & Bang that Box got some response but the biggest cheer was Richard Grey…One More time!!!
Dashed in to see Armin who was also belting out tune after tune & you can see why he’s rated # 1

Drink prices were usual but 25 euro to get in was a bargain. Was fair impressed with Amnesia, my last visit there was back in 2002 when PVD blew the arse out of the main room.I still prefer Sanchez @ Pacha but that didn’t spoil it at all.


Not a big fan of Guetta but the girlfriend is so I had to repay the favour of going to see the S Man @ Amnesia.Music wise it was okay with major plays from his own work but far too busy. Great statement last year was when the music goes up one level….10 people fall off the roof due to it being rammed. 55 euro to get in but the girlfriend enjoyed it so can’t complain.In hind sight we should have went for a meal so you would get in afterwards. The Pacha Restaurant is fab if anyone was considering goin. We have done it twice & had no complaintsYou do though have to spend so much so you can walk into Pacha but the drinks are cheaper than the club which is a bonus.

Carl Cox:

Brill night & I love Carl working his magic on the terrace. Dubfire was okay ….bit too heavy for my liking so we left early to catch our plane @ 9……. 10 Euro before ten………

Ibiza Town

Love the place. Fab getting a meal/drinks & watching the world go by. Base bar, Rock bar etc was quiet but it’s good to chill. 3 rounds (Mojihitto & Bacardi) 65 euro.
Look out for the Pacha girl zooming around with the 2 cherries on her head. Funny as anything & got my picture taken with her.

Celeb watch.

Palo Maldini walking about Ibiza town.
Jordan’s new guy on bossa beach
Tong looking very lost when walking past Space to Sands.
Piccotto moaning to somebody on his phone next to Murphy’s
Morillo looking very tired @ Evissa airport when I was going home. Maybe he was panicking incase customs stopped him again eh lol.

All in all I had a great holiday & will be back for my 10th visit next year. I was wanting to in September but it doesn’t look to good.
Hopefully twice next year in June the August. Got my prices sorted already so counting down the days…………..

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We stayed in the Hotel Don Toni last year for the first time. Have booked again for this year. Its great value ay less than 40 rips a night half board. We will break it up a bit with a Pacha meal as usual. Looks like it will be even better this year with Sands and Ush%&$£ wot you call it.

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Excellent review! I have been ging to Ibiza since 1996 and unfortunately i cant go this year..:cry: So was great to read your review to bring back memories and cheer me up...or just make me jealous!:)