8 Closing Parties - 20TH-28TH Sept


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My first trip to the island didn't disappoint. I met spotlighters from here that loved to party just as much as myself. A Shout out to you guys I got to influence on my quest to conquer ibiza parties. Happy Days!

I’ve posted links to some of my fav videos I took, purley as pics in a club don’t work too well. I was worried about taking pics after reading comments here,,but you soon realize everyone’s doing it. So do as they do in Rome I say.

I didn't see much daylight, so no point reviewing the days. I seen real sun twice, plenty of after parties on the beach and messy crawls onlong PDB beach. My days were filled with recovery and supply runs. Beer, ice, etc etc. :) I say the weather for the week was overcast and the sun when it did come out didn’t last long.

I landed at airport 4pm sunday, dropped bags off at Hotel Fiesta PDB, headed straight to town and caught up with fellow spotlighters. Then straight off to the otherside of the island for the official Jase mess you up exhibition at Judgment sunday.

Judgement Sunday - We went to the pre-party at Bar M, this is cool. In OZ we don't get a pre-party or even an after party, so any party in my eye was great. The judge performed for about an hour, tunes thumping, gogo girls in the mix on the floor, people jumping..Nice warm up. We then headed over to Eden for the main party. Well here with my fellow spotlighters we trashed Eden, I have pics of me on the podium, I remember dragging another spotlighter up onto the VIP podium to be banging next to Lisa lashes at one stage. A fantastic first night in Ibiza. The club is smallish compared to your larger ibiza clubs, something I'm used to here at home, so it was a good smallish homey vibe for me. A great intro into Ibiza. Many punters inc me were dressed in white (apparently a white party). The fellow spotlighters made heaps of noise and banged away. It was great to party with like minded party goers. The crowd was very happy, I have heaps of pics with many strangers...all whom seemed to be my best mates on the night :)
We fell out around 6.30am or so,,time who cares,,,and I found a bottle shop around the corner open. More beer and the rest of the day is history.

No vids, but plenty of pics for this night.

Tiesto (Monday) Privilige- Got to Privilige about 1am, the worlds biggest nightclub. With security aka “control” that works to steal punters belongings in the entry ques. I seen many punters have there pockets emptied only to have whatever they owned taken off them and put into a small timber magic box. This is strange behaviour as in OZ the police do this,,NOT security. And never at the front door unless it’s a big festival….anyhow’s that’s’ Ibiza…I got there to see some dude play before Tiesto. I've seen Tiesto before so I had had mixed feelings about him. He came on and jerked around in his first hour IMO. So I took off to suck down some over priced laughing gas and explore the worlds biggest club. The outdoor dome upstairs chillout is way cool. Here we could sit and watch the front entrance where the magic timber box “control” was filling up, from emptying pockets of the punters...LOL. Privilige is full of little hidden area’s which are way cool., Like the sex shop near VIP, and the gardens that have little pathways that link other chillout area's. Tiesto’s lasers and lighting rocked. He had some topless faires floating around, tightropes ridden by guys on Penny Farthings, Video Lasers. All as to be expected in the worlds biggest club. To get an over priced drink took forvever (the same story for Ibiza closing party’s wide)The punters eased off towards the end of his set making it easy to get up close to the big T. Still elbow to elbow though. I left at 6.30am as I figured 10,000 people looking for cabs was gunna be a nightmare..I was right..I waited 10 mins and got a cab,,YAY!..my fellow spotlighters who left at 6.45am waited nearly and hour they tell me as Tiesto stopped 6.45am.




Revolution Closing (Tuesday) Space – After a disappointing Tiesto I was looking for some hard beats, something that would leave me messy and hyped up. The night kicked off with fellow spotlighters joining for some late tucker followed by some warm up drinks and strawberry’s. We were meant to meet sue pink at the pink panther but time and locality just stuffed it all up. A group of 6 of us then wondered over the road to SPACE. Here control just smiled and waved you through. So nice compared to last night.

Got in about 1am again, I don’t read Spanish and Space still has me confused about which room is which. Anyhow’s’ we found ourselves in the main room waiting for Cox to come on. He came on and opened with some fat beats. I couldn’t hold back. My birthday and I wasn’t stopping for no one. I found myself on the Podium within 5 mins, fighting to get dudes in suits off it. As they were standing still,, I was heckling them..WTF? Podium/standing still suits = get off!
Cox blasted with rumbling beats.3 words I used to describe him Bumping, Grinding WET! Here I lost it and got pumped, the awesome Laser robots, Go go girls with lasers bouncing off them, I found myself needing air after about 2 hrs and went to people watch whilst my body cooled and my brain regathered. With brain in overdrive I made my way exploring Space to find Danny Tenaglia later on. My first time I ever heard of him and he was a pleasure to watch. I sat back and watched it him with soon to be new mates a bunch of Canadians. I lost the fellow spotlighters too caught up in loud banging tunes. I stumbled out of Space with my new Canadian mates and we partied back at my motel till Midday, they bailed and I kept partying with my beer and ice. Apparently I had to check out but didn’t in the end..LOL


Meganite (Wednesday) Privilige again –Still f’d up from last night, some spotlighters needed rest as they are old, however some of us found the energy to muster, to check out Meganite. We caught the disco bus from San An just in time, having a field day with trying to get tickets. Bar M says to us Meganite is not on,,,only to go next door to find them for sale…Shame on Bar M for trying to flog us La Troya tickets!
In we go to privilege same deal again, control stealing from punters. This time the club was closed off to all area’s except main and side rooms. No where near the size of Tiesto. The punters weren’t packed to the rafters either. No outdoors gardens, you couldn’t go upstairs. The DJ’s were good, but the beat was consistent, not really my thing however I loved it as people were partying regardless. With a dead body and mind, I was struggling to stand however we pulled it off and ended the night with more laughing gas and getting sweaty in some side room. It was interesting to watch control use their little torches, kick your feet, looking for lost items all over the place to only pick them up and cough” make them available for re-sale. Yeh I wouldn’t have believed unless I seen it repeatedly. Can’t remember what time I left however sleep was long over due.

add vids later

Cream (Thursday) Amnesia –.. Me and a some spotlighters watched sunset at mambo and stuck around to listen to Guetta pump out a few tracks at the pre-party,, then we bailed.


I had driven past Amnesia in taxi so I was busting to get into the joint. Spotlighters united we headed in. I had VIP pre-bought online, so I was planning a huge night. VIP access made it quick and easy to slip between the 2 rooms to see both DJ’s hammer it out. I enjoyed Sasha thumping tracks with punters climbing all over that middle podium. I caught side bits of PVD as he was playing along side Sasha times, but the man I wanted to see John Dalhback came on and I got lost. I have some video’s that best explain it, as my memory is vague. It was awesome to mix it between VIP areas upstairs and with ground dwelling punters. Cream itself is just like 2 bigs rooms, well that’s all I found..LOL…I’m sure there was more just never made it. I broke a camera on leaving which meant I must have been loose…It still works though…Me a 2 other spotlighters made it back to PDB beach for a Jase after party which they soon had to leave…leaving me to meet some to fellow ozzie’s who then also became my new party friends….They also helped my find my hotel restaurant which I had yet still to eat from since arrival, even though all meals had been paid for. JGod coffee tasted great! This would have been the my best night after Cox for the whole week.,,, no memory of it….Just the photos’ to prove I was there in body will do :lol:




Wonderland (Friday) Eden – Well this was a toss up between many other closing parties,,,but the left over spotlighter I had was this side of the island so a party off we go To see Eric Prydz was the mission,, as he won’t bloody fly to Australia. I dragged my new ozzie mates and we headed for an apparent pre-party at Bar M to see Pete Tong –Boo to no show DJ’s. I think he went to Savanhah?? Anyhow’s no pre-party just meant we had to go harder later. Inside Eden this time the place was wall to wall people as opposed to Judgement. More dancers, more action all over. The crowd was loving every inch of it. If I could remember DJ names that would be great, but I’m hopeless. I can only say the crowd was rocking and this was a definite booster over Judgement in the same club. Music was possibly more my style. Faithless take em or leave em rocked and Eric Prydz did me proud. So many other performances that made me feel great. Faithless came on and we headed to VIP to get a better look. No VIP ticket, no problem…control slip him a 10’r and ya in. I was glad I went. My ozzy mates wanted to bail to go watch grand final footy from back home so we left about 5am. Returning to annoy Hotel staff for internet access to watch footy in the lobby. Here I died and finally got some rest. I woke up Saturday afternoon had some dinner in the Hotel. YAY! 2 days in a row I ate the food I had already paid for.


Defected in the House (Saturday) Pacha –After a week of wondering what goes on down at Bora Bora (I could hear it from Hotel) I made the effort about 5pm…Caught up with my Canadian mates I met back on Tuesday. Grabbed a six pack and laid back on the waters edge people watching. Got the call to say goodbye to the my last spotlighter mate. We ate some tucker then I teamed up with one of my ozzie mates to party at Pacha. We got there about 1am again, just in time for Bob Sinclair to hype the crowd up. Not normally my music but jeez he got the crowd hyped. He had some dude on bongo’s thumping, then some vocal signer came out. By 4.30am I was rooted, stuffed. Exhausted after so many nights of party,,, chilling out on a lounge. Here I had a heated argument with the bar chick who made a galant effort to try and rip me off,, both of a good time and my wallet. I contested her which in turn led to control shouting “out” above 130db of tunes. Pacha was more dressy then say all the other clubs,, so I felt like they could suck my dick tracey anyway. The fact she was asking me to pay for water I didn’t own pissed me right off. Anyhow’s I was happy to get thrown out..after all you never get thrown out of some the best clubs in the world everyday! So after telling Mr control he was a ****er and the bar maid she ate too many cookies and that she was off her head, me and old mate left escorted and man handled…LOL…I have to say I love loud tunes but Pacha was without the loudest I’d been to all week. I enjoyed Sinclair thinking I wouldn’t. He really ripped it up and as a crowd pleaser, he certainly filled the role well.


WE LOVE (Sunday) Space- I’m up to my eight night, the ozzies are trying to drag me to Space early,,I needed rest and died…I finally got up and dragged myself across the road at 6pm.. Now I had the line up and a set list—Well could they follow the set list?? I got no idea but I couldn’t and neither could anyone else follow it. Seems set times and order was muddled. I got no idea if outback was main stage or what, but I got somewhat annoyed that we couldn’t see the DJ’s you wanted without getting confused as to who and what was on. Ibiza all over, this kind of annoyed me..NO SET TIMES???
C’mon guys why keep the crowd guessing. Anyways the crowd was wall to wall. Space was handing out ponchos’ for the rain. Here I met up and partied with the Canadian mates and ozzie’s again. I missed Pendulum due to the confusion. And sneaky sound system…So I kind of got the ****s. Swimming across people was almost impossible but that’s the Ibiza experience we all love. Packed crowds and loud tunes. The crowd was getting slower by 3am with people leaving. My feet were dying..I kept drinking with my Canadian mates for some time then headed out to die about 5am. I had finished my partying.YAY!



That’s it DONE- 8 closing parties and one dead tired Aussie.

There’s many pro’s and cons to this place but you have to enjoy it for what it is, and what it’s turned into. So without whinging…

Good –Clubs with no sound limits, Great DJ’s, great atmosphere. Pre-parties, After parties. Ibiza Pizza’s all around are the best. Buying a six pack of san Miguel for 3.50 euro.
Bad- Spanish locals thinking you’re a pom and trying to rip you off, until you say hey I’m Australian and not stupid. Hopeless bar staff in every club. Not enough bar staff in every club. Control stealing and selling peoples belongings. Control being the sly buggers they are. No set times in any club!!!! My hotel that served me salty showers for 1 week..lol. Not getting enough time in the arvo’s to have drink..Yes I arrived in ibiza an alcoholic but due to lack of awake time and poor bar staff you couldn’t get drunk if ya tried.
GREAT –The people I met along the way. The mish mash that is Ibiza. A world of every nationality, meeting to get baked and enjoy the tunes. The nature of a place trying to sell you the club experience right down to street hawkers and even the local drug dealer.
VERY BAD – My 40hr flight home twitching and shaking after being so happy for 8 days,,coming home and down under was extreme. Oooohh the pain ;-)

- Buy your tickets on the street, haggle with the authorized sellers, make yourself known and see the same guy over and over so you get a relationship going…this will stop anyone trying to screw you…check other advertised prices and haggle. Usually you can save up to 5 euro or even 10. Still remember there all scammers if you let them. If staying in PDB across the road from Hotel Garbi is a restaurant,,the old guy selling tickets at the door looked after us well.
-Try to speak Spanish-If you don’t the locals won’t give you the time of day and they’ll try to scam you.
-If your not English i.e not from the (UK) and you speak english, make sure you inform the local scammer your not from the UK,, usually I found they treat you better.
-Don’t accept rude Spanish bar staff’s attitude –If they suck that’s their problem,,,smile and be happy,,, that usually upsets them.
-Hide personal belongings as suggested by control to me. Shove it down your dacks. They won’t go here.

Will I do it again . FOR SURE—Maybe not so hard this time,,I may take a night off. :lol:

Happy Days..I rocked Ibiza! Ibiza you rock!
Review is alright.

Sounds to me like your "mates" were trying to avoid and get rid of you all week.

I dont blame them.
I say they should have run also...I'm very hard to get used to. lack of social skills maybe..I cannot communicate???:lol:

That's why I listed them first -Truly Great People. :lol: To have such a great time with such people is fantastic.

Dear Tom,

Whilst over there,,,I had a comment made to me from one of my canadian "mates"...He said,, "Jase look around,,not many people are happy in general here in Europe""
..I seen his view...Smiled and said Happy Days!:lol:

Glad my review was alright for you.
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i enjoyed your review mate, glad you had a good time, good videos

looks like you were at a lot of the same parties i was at, Tiesto excluded.

I'll attempt to put my review up soon, although my memory got shot after We Love on the 20th, even as things were actually happening that second :D

Jase fellow Aussie hear,

Looks like you had a hekkers trip mate, do you mind if you pm with your email or facebook or something just so i can ask you a few things.

Looking for who you booked your flight through and accommodation. Also whether you went to London then to Ibiza.

Was it easy to find quality dingers?