6th - 13th July

Phat Kev

New Member
Anyone fancy meeting between Sunday 6th July & the following Sat.?
There will be 5 of us, 3 guys & 2 gals, We"ll probably spend a lot of time at Bora Bora & be clubbing nearly every night, we"ll have 2 cars between us so can meet anywhere although we"ll probably try to avoid San An town as much as poss. Only 13 days to go! 8)
good advice about san an phat kev. it can be a nightmare with the one way system and horrendous parking.
my tip is to take the new northern ring road - make a right as you approach san an from ibiza on the new roundabout - and you end up on the cala grassio/cala salada road thus avoiding any possible delays in town.

do any other party people have any good road tips?