60 Mins of HOUSE From Me . . .

Ian K

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Oracy - Hold Me - (Mojuba)

Tom Demac - Back to The Source e.p - (Factor City)

Manuel Tur & Dplay - Mild Pitch - (Drumpoet Community)

Minimono - Sweet Murmur - (Love Letters from Oslo)

Cloud Kickers - Bring On the Night - Rocco dub - (Newlite Muzik)


Ricky L - Justeen - (Ibadan U.S)

Mlle Caro/Frank Garcia - Dead Souls - Radioslave rmx - (Buzzin Fly)

Oliver Koletzki - Music From the Heart - (Hell Yeah!)

Anja Schneider - Rancho Relaxo - (Mobilee)

Mark O'sullivan - Orkism - (Ork Recordkings)


Something I made for a mates ipod who's off away, mostly new stuff with one or two older records thrown in that i still love playing, you'll have to excuse the anja schneider track as i played it a few weeks ago at a bar and its obviously got something on it and sounds a bit distorted but its just crap on the vinyl.

(note to self : invest in 'nerdy' felt wiper thingy-ma-bob)

I'll post the link tonight as sendspace is being a massive gayer at the min

great stuff Ian - will get on the case over the weekend

LOVE that radioslave remix - BOSS tune
Nice one Olly.


Cheers for that heads up mate, will try mediafire if all else fails.

wicked stuff Ian - got it on now, making the cleaning that much more bearable :D

right up my strasse - not heard rancho relaxo in ages

Anja Schneider is hit/miss for me - but she's bang on there
Nice one Olly....pleased you like it, must be a decent enough mix if it has your blessin!!

going to see Dixon in back2basics next Sat, can't wait!!