- 6 Days of clubbing -



Just came back from ibiza... :( i'm feeling pretty bad...

this review will pretty f***ed up...anyway...let's start

16.7 - Godskitchen @ Eden -

pretty good start i'll guess...it wasnt as good as i thought, but i had fun.
banging techno, great light show and a nice crowd. of course did i see some f***ing west end pissheads but they didnt ruin the party. nice one, though it wasnt "spiritual".

17.7 - LaTroya @ Amnesia -

Great night. Many, many, many gays. But they made the difference. They looked gorgeus and made the party to a real glam, gay party. Fantastic atmosphere. Nice, fonkaaay house music. Even if you're not a gay ( besides : im not ) DON'T MISS LATROOOYAAAAAA

18.7 - Cream @ Amnesia -

Great Night. I've only been in the main room for about a 10 minutes. im not a big fan of van dyk. but creamx10 on the terrace kicked my ass all night. naaaaaiiiis one baby.

21.7 - Tunnel Trance Force @ Privilege

...that sucked. i've never been to such a f***ing bad party like that one. pulsedriver suucked. the crowd ( punta arabi kids ) where dressed up like they were on picknick or something like that. hate that night :evil: :evil:

22.7 - Cocoon @ Amnesia -

I'll never forget that one in my whole life. I can't describe that atmosphere, the music and the performance. perfect, perfect, perfect. Sven Väth was on top. He made me feel like i was in trance. Best night of my life. PLEEEEEASE DONT MISS IT!!!!!!!!

23.7 - Godskitchen @ Eden -

I was dancing the whole night in the funky room. the djs did a great job. but the main room was filled up with west end gangsters. wasnt much worth. miss it.

...well, that's it. my english is pretty bad, sorry. i'll go sleeping now. it'll be a pretty sad night. i just can't stand the fact that im home again. :cry: :cry: :cry: ...bye
Is Cacoon that good it is totally unmissable, because it is putting me in a bit of a possition. Manumission is on the same night and 2 people coming with us are newbies and I had a wkd time there last time. Manumission is also just one of those places you visit on your first time, BUT I have not heard 1 bad word about Cacoon in any of the reviews I have been able to read. That is not just counting this site either. Please help.
z3raw: don't say Quicksand didn't try to warn you! I can't believe you turned down the best party at Space for the worst one at Privilege!!!
Definelty go to cocoon!!!!!!! Before I went I wasn't really a fan of techno, but it absolutely blew me away. On the other hand, manumission is just plain shit!
I really wish I went to Cocoon to see Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin (not forgetting Felix da Housecat in the backroom), but no, my lightweight mates wanted a "quiet night" that night to prepare for Godskitchen the night after. f***ing tubes!
...prepare for godskitchen... :evil:

godskitchen is NOTHING against Cocoon. i wouldnt go to godskitchen again if i knew how it was. absolutely no atmosphere in there. eden suxx. and you'll have to pay 47 - 50 euros to get in. dont do it. its not worth it
z3raw said:
...prepare for godskitchen... :evil:

godskitchen is NOTHING against Cocoon. i wouldnt go to godskitchen again if i knew how it was. absolutely no atmosphere in there. eden suxx. and you'll have to pay 47 - 50 euros to get in. dont do it. its not worth it

Well, we know a few of the poeple doing PR so we got cheap tickets and freebees, but yeah, your totally right, it doesn't really have any atmosphere in Eden! For me, it's all a bit dark and dingy with a pretty cold atmosphere; there's just something about the place which doesn't seem very friendly. I really wanted to go to Cocoon because I'd heard so many great things about it and I wanted to experience a techno night, but my 5 mates were all really excited about Godskitchen because of the line-up ( Fergie, Armin Van Buurin, John 00 Fleming, Joy Kitikonti :confused: ) and wanted to be fresh for the night. I was considering going to Cocoon on my own but thought it might be a bit selfish to leave my mates. Hmm, wish I'd gone now cos Godskitchen was pretty shit and the Monday night was gash as well. Oh well, next year!
ok, i can understand you but try to talk to your mates about that night again. you'll definetly be disappointed and i guess your mates to, if they arent slappers or beerf***ers. eden was also the only place where i had trouble with some west-end gangsters. i was dancing with this girl, which "the leader" of beer-squad nr. alpha was interested in. i lost her cuz these f***ers where pushing me away from her :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ...hate that place :cry:
Well, I didn't get hasstle from anyone. I wouldn't let them push me around if they did try anything though. But yeah, Eden is a bit dingy. My mates would have went to Cocoon if they didn't have their sights set on Godskitchen, and they said they wanted 1 day off clubbing before going out 3 nights in a row, and Cocoon was the night sacrificed.