6.3.10//MOS/GU/Sharam/Tom Middleton/Thomas Sagstad

Saturday 6th March

Saturday Sessions presents
Global Underground

Tom Middleton
Thomas Sagstad

Alex Kenji
Danny Savage

Eddi Zanetti
Luke Pompey
Cook & Finn

Loft: Glovibes
Leonardo Glovibes Abbate
DSM dj
Charlotte Michelle 11th
Micky Galliano
Deep "S"

Baby Box:
DJ Academy
Dave Payne
Patrick Hoffman
DJ Joia


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Playing his first London gig of 2010, Sharam makes an appearance at Saturday Sessions presents Global Underground. One half of deep dish, he has seen both chart and club success since going solo including being crowned essential mixes, ‘Mix of The Year 2009.’ Joining him, Tom Middleton returns after storming the box last November, one of the clubs favourites his style is perfect for the new sound system with a progression of tech house through to deeper techno. GU’s very own Thomas Sagstad makes his debut, currently ripping it up all around the world with his endless dates abroad the recent signing is sure to provide the best of today’s house music including a few productions of his own.
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£15 Advance // £6 from 4am // Students £10 All Night
Tickets available from:
www.ticketweb.co.uk // 08444 771 000

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Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt Street
0870 060 0010
Nearest Tube: Elephant and Castle

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We interview: Sharam



What would you spend money on if you won the lottery?
I’d buy a 737 jet, soup it up properly, (with a DJ booth inside) and fly to my gigs with it. No more haggling with the airlines about how many kilos you can take on the freaking flights. And when I’m not using it, I would offer it to all my DJ friends who struggle to go in and out of Ibiza and random European cities all summer.

If you had to choose between performing with Kraftwerk or New order who would you choose?
New Order for sure. Kraftwerk were a huge influence for many DJs but they didn’t do it for me on that level – maybe because I didn’t discover them until late 80s. New Order on the other hand was probably the most influential electronic band of all time for me, along with Depeche Mode.

Colour that best describes your personality?

Orange. It’s not Red which is very typical, and it’s not Yellow which is low on the visibility scale. Orange just stands out more without being common.

Best comment you have ever had from a fan?

I think I’ve helped many people meet, fall in love and conceive babies. they seem to always tell me about that. Something about my music/djing helps them get jiggy with it I guess.

What is your favourite cocktail?
Dirty Martini extra dry. I’ve sent a lot of promoters on a wild goose chase to get me Olive Juice so I can have it with vodka at the gig. It’s my version of green M&Ms – or was it purple? Whichever color the legendary story says they were…

Sum up your style in 3 words?
Don’t Pigeonhole Me!

What made you go with a cowboys theme on your new album?
My love of Sergio Leone, Ennio Marricone, and the dramatic and over the top nature of Spaghetti westerns.

Have you got any more plans for any releases?
Putting the finishing touches on the new album. First couple of singles coming in March.

Tell us some stories from your days in Deep Dish?
Oh that one is gonna need a book publishing deal.

Do you and Dubfire have any plans to reunite?
We’re both really enjoying the solo thing right now. I have a new album coming this year of course so that should keep me busy. But we have had discussions about coming up with a date to do something together sometime in the future.

What been your biggest achievement?
I don’t think there is that one thing that I can hang my hat on permanently. Achievements come in bits and pieces from different corners. The collection of which ultimately defines you as a person and as an artist. At the end, you’re only as good as your next achievement anyway, unless you plan on retiring.

Who has been the best person to work with?
Everyone I’ve worked with have been different and everyone has a unique madness to their system. The challenge is getting the best out of them and creating a situation where they can also get the best out of you. Anousheh Khalili and Richard Morel are two people that I would work with any day.

Is there anyone that you would like to work with in the future?
There are couple of people I am currently pursuing for my album. So stay tuned, you’re about to find out soon.

Is there anything you would change about your career?
Not a thing. I am what I’ve done and I wouldn’t trade the highs and the lows for anything as they have helped me define me. They serve as a guideline for me to move forward. Why would I want to change that?

Have you got any advice for any upcoming DJ’s?
Find your ‘orange’. In other words, be different from the norm. Don’t jump on trend bandwagon. When trends die, they leave lots of casualty behind.

Describe how it felt to get your first ever chart hit?

It feels good to have your art get noticed on that scale. And it helps with the kids college fund.

This is your first London gig in 2010, what is it that differs london from any other place in the world?
Cities like London, NY, Tokyo are trendsetting cities. So you get this feeling that you are part of this energy field, that you are part of something big that’s about to go down. So when I play in London I feel like I’m contributing to that energy, which is going to travel to the rest of the world.

When was the last time that you played Ministry of Sound?
It’s been a little over a year. Last I played was with Pete Tong right before WMC at Wonderland I think.

What is it about Ministry of Sound that you like about playing here?
It’s a legendary room with a legendary sound system. In a sense it’s where House music graduated to big time. It always feels surreal playing there as this is where the legends of house like MAW, Todd Terry, Def Mix, the Chicago and Detroit guys came to spread the gospel.

Cool we are all looking forward to seeing you!