5th - 12th May


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Hi Everyone going for a week with the family flying out 5th May. Now i know alot will still not be open but any idea will shops etc be open and any ideas what we could do? Hippy markets etc we will be hiring a car.

Thanks x
most places will be open by then.happy driving.best to get a good map really.but the fun part is getting lost down dirt roads to little beaches.skys your limit really.may be morning coffee in one resort.sunbath a while in another.lunch somwhere.bit of shopping here and there.

good thing about a car is you not set to time limits.i mean you could get up oneday and zipp down the road and have breakfast somewhere.then drive back.

carboot sale on satdays.near playa den bossa.

drive inland as well.some nice little places for a drink.

which is your base resort