5 person apartments


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Can anyone recommend a 5 person accomodation with air con .. in either san antonio or even cafe del mar .. seen a few but its limited to 4 people :S

any help or suggestions appreciated

the apartmentos blue star would do if it has air con, however i have seen reviews that state disadvantages as having no air con, despit some listings saying it has air con, can anyone confirm or disagree?
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Try Rosamar Apartments in San An Bay. I stayed there in june 2005. We booked a apartment for 6 even though there was only 2 of us :lol: The apartment was two interconnecting apartments with 2 bathrooms, 4 beds, sofa bed, one kitchen area with all mod cons and 3 large balconies. The accommodation was really good quality too. Other than this place you may stuggle to find apartments for 4 or more:?: Good luck