5 Htp

Colonel Kurtz

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Sorry i may be a little behind the times but only recently heard about this stuff, supposedly helps afetr a big (cough cough)night out.

Any experiences?
doesnt smell very nice.
didnt have any noticeable affect the 2-3 times i used it but its a pretty hard thing to quantify as theres so many variables from a night out
They use that alot in the states. It plays with your brain chemistry and some people say that if you get the timing wrong (I think take it when u take the pill) then it can have an opposite effect.

Personally I would just stick to VitC, alpha lipoic acid (look it up), a good meal before and after and good sleep afterwards.

Tomato juice can't hurt either.
its on my must have shopping list for any clubbing activity - its brilliant stuff - start taking it a week before you go and during the holiday and a few days after you get back....

I would say it works - certainly makes the return home a lot easier....

(ps - great dreams on them too :lol::lol::lol:)
It changed my life, without it I would have retired years ago.
I take 2-4 before bed & 2-4 on waking, puts me in a much better place & lets me do mamouth Ibiza sessions out every night etc!
Ooooh I dont like it. It gives me sleep paralysis.... horrible!! I've been lying in bed awake but unable to move my body, quite scary actually. Although my friend takes it during the day rather than before bed and says she has no effects, and no scary sleep paralysis either.

I find Vit B is also really good for picking you up when you're stressed/battered :lol:
Basically 5-HTP metabolises into serotonin (5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)) in the body.

Preload before a night out and later when the *cough* mdma the flood gates open, they’ll be plenty of serotonin in the reservoir to lessening the impact on your normal reserves.

Take a few again before bed and through the next day.

This maintains the normal mdma affect whilst minimising the usual 'after club blues' cause by low serotonin levels the next day/s.