5 day club-in pass from clubtix.co.uk


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Has anybody got, used or heard of these cos im pure tempted to get one. How relieable are they, does it include any of the club nights that they mention (i think it does :p ) and is it right about the que jumping and VIP access.

Also (and most important really) the tickets average 30.60 quid (43.15 euros) is this a decent deal considering ill be using them for

We luv sundays
Pure Pacha
I heard of them but never used them. To be honest we got most of our tickets from the bars in Ibiza town a lot cheaper than paying on the door. you may also mangaed to blag a free pass if your lucky.
There were no queues for any of the clubs we went to apart from Space but that moved pretty quick so I think it would be better to wait till your over there. you should not have any probs getting into any clubs.
most clubs cost around 30 - 40 euro's apart from cream and Pure Pacha which cost around 50 euro's but you do get a free drink!!!! Shop around while you are over there as some bars charge less than others.
Have a good one wish i was back there now. :D
A couple of us went last year, some bought the passes, some didnt

theer were a few good nights that they werent allowed to go to, ie Cream, manumission etc and the nights that they could go to tended not to be so popular, ie foam parties etc

at the end of the holiday, it worked out that the ones who hadnt bought the 5 day passes spent less, mostly because the ones with the passes were still paying extra to get in Cream etc because the passes were applicable for that night