37Y male from UK looking to meet up with others in Ibiza


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Never been to IBIZA ! So....this year 2009....it has to be.....
Problem is I cannot find anybody interested in going.
Anyone fancy meeting up and having a great time out there? I was thinking I would be there from maybe thursday to monday or so sometime late June or early July 09.

My email is: martinxdk@yahoo.com

Any questiosn just fire away...oh and I have no accommodation booked yet !
me, 40, going in July with my two (younger) brothers who are both Ibiza virgins. Will be my third visit to Ibiza :)
Hi tripehound
Thanks for your reply on the ibiza Spotlight Forums. Yes I am Ibiza virgin but no virgin to what happens in Ibiza ! LOL. On your own every year.....do you prefer going on your own? If I did would I meet anybody out there to party with? All my friends are too young, too old, too poor, too rich etc all bad excuses !! LOL. I may end up going for 5 nights on my own.....doing SPACE and then PACHA and ...who knows...fancy some chill out bars also......so soem wild nights and some more grown ups hahaha. Martin
Ime going mid july 4 a week if ure interested in meeting up staying in san an which area of country u livin?
Hi Easthopel
Yes my dates around there too. Not sure yet but will def. get soem days and nights in, no problem. I am in East Berkshire, Ascot.
Have you booked accommodation yet?
Totasl;ly prefer going alone - total freedom and no one to account to. You can do ANYTHING! I always meet such excellent people and am never alone for too long.

Sticking to Eivissa town area of your older is generally a good move, but do visit san antonio.

You can get taxis and busses anywhere you want.

Tell the fat squinty con artist in Eivissa to piss off if he approaches you.

Be nice to Snakeman he's a good guy, and knows everything thats going on.

Pacha is a must and the harbour area bars are excellent.

Get a hotel in walking distance with a fridge as you'll want to stock it up.

If you see a shot away looking guy who looks like Catweasle thats Alistair Lougue ( Alistair "Empire") he knows everyone -say hi he's a hoot. Go to one of his parties.

Dalt Villa of Course

Get out of town to:

KM5 to take a new friend for dinner
Blue Marlin
Sol Den Serra
Bfor Ibiza sushi - mmmmm drroool
Atzaro for dinner
El Ayoun as above and stay -
Match Bar - it works like it says above the door!

and most of all go to:

Teatro Pereyra until it closes, great live music cool people, best sax players Rafa Garces from Cuba and Dominique de Larrard on the island, and catch Laura Fowles mixing it up with the house band between saturday El Divino Hed Kandi sessions (which will be moving this year). Be nice and interesting and someone will invite you to a private villa party or two - unless your renting your own in which case invite some strangers back its good to reciprocate its good karma.

Get out and about to as many places as you can during the day and hire a car and just go roaming up to portinax and along the coasts. Find Cueva de las luces (NOT can marca) and jump in.

Sant Carles
San Miguel
Go to formentera

Salinas - chill with Jon Gray at Sa Trinxa

Kiss a stranger or two at bora bora on playa den bossa.

I've got to see the new places down there too.

Try to go on full moon and get into an Azuli party - usually at Sol Den Serra but they move about.

If you're after more than a tan, get nekid with the 'lads' on Es Cavallet if its your thing or not, its up to you.

Get lost as much as possible.

Its Ibiza - at all times stay calm, don't do anything you don't want to..
tripe ur a hoot

sound advice...

im going this summer for the first time... im a little apprehensive, only because of some issues:

accomodation, i need somewhere cheap. Im staying the whole summer.. whats the best option?

im taking a bit cash, whats the best option when taking large sums of money?

i dont want to miss a thing.. club wise.. which are the best clubs and nights..

the rest is to chill out.. ive worked so damn hard these past yrs.. need some payback.

what advice can u give me..

would really appreciate it..

love kat xx
I will get you a low down. Its complex. You'll get bored of all the big clubs. I think you'll like azuli and beach parties, of course the big nights are fun but not EVERY night for months. Place to stay? hmmmmm not sure what is best, there are lots of places, try a house sit. repping is OK but take care. this one needs some planing. I'd stay in Eivissa always san an it ptsville, and there are too many wannabes there not knowing its the wrong place. find alistair louge (empire) he might be able to help you out (he looks like catweasel - you wouldnt know what i mean) he does EMPIRE parties, aslo Jon Sa Trinxa he might want some help. Failing that look up Johnny Golden a la manumission, he's a good guy and shoudl be able to offer some directions.

Amazing how many things we need to see and do. I think I would need about 3 weeks to even scratch the surface. A few cool loungy bars with a few club nights thrown in will have to do thsi time round. Of course a house party would be ideal....

Where did Easthopel go?