36 Hour Journey to Ibiza??



I moved to Sydney for a couple of years with work but have been to
Ibiza 4 times in 3 years.

I think I may go this year from Sydney but its mega $$$ (but can afford it) and a 36 hour flight via Bangkok, Barcelona and Ibiza.(Ouch)

Do I need my head examined or is there anyone else down under making the marathon trip?

I would go for ten days including travel.

Dilema number 2 is whether to meet a best mate in July, or meet another best mate in September??
that is a huge journey, it only takes me 2 hours hehehehe!!
if you think you can do it then go ahead and do it...
Do it, you know it makes sense :D Funking hell tho 36 hours to get there :eek: got I bet that journey back is a killer :evil:

Would 10 days be long enough seeing as you are going to be in a place for about 100 hours, why not go for 2 wks in September :D
Thanks guys, feeling braver about the journey! I guess I'll have to do a stop over on the way back in Thailand or something.

Or just go to the chemist for something to help me doze! te-he
better ways!

Why dont just fly out to a major city in Spain - sure there must be direct connections, wait and take the plane to IBIZA - Much cheaper and less uncomfortable. Why don´t you ask someone at the flightcompanies? Sure Aussies are far away, but Ibiza is obtainable for EVERYONE!

It ´s easier to fly to.... well for instance...Barcelona and go by ferry og plane - or even...buy a holiday package for Mallorca if Ibiza isn´t represented (the whole package schould cost you less than a planeticket itself!) - and then go by flight (Iberia are cheap!) or again ....by ferry, you choose!

But please find another way to get there! the other way sounds outrageous! :!: