31/12/02 & 1/1/03



it was great
amnesia was full and good vibes!!
space was full too and very good house in the terrace (inside it was too hard = sucked)

i cant stand the wait until 1 june :(

yes, but it was doing a hard house / hard techno party, for those 16 y/o children... odd!

that is really surprising, i wouldn't have fought that, i fought it would have been the same sort of crowd and music as the summer....well when i come over in the 'winter' months i will not be going to dc10..

oh by the way, i've always wanted to know what Paz y Amor means, i know Y mean and..i think

paz = peace
y = and
amor = love

peace & love!

the good news is dc10 has been reformed - floor, toilets, new arcs, etc - and it looks cooler!! 8)

technoboy said:
yes, but it was doing a hard house / hard techno party, for those 16 y/o children... odd!


Ooooohhh. Am i glad that i couldn't come.
I was in Ibiza for NYE. Won a 4 day trip through Evening Standard/Sol Beer.

We were staying at Ocean Drive Hotel in the Marina which had a private party in the lobby/restaurant until about 2.00 am.

We then went onto Pacha where we had guest-list entrance (it opened at 1.30) which was very busy but superb atmosphere. The people in there seemed predominantly Spanish although we met up with a few Brits. Everyone seemed in a good vibe. Even better atmos than the summers MofS Friday nights.

The music in there was fantastic, Funky House, which was just the right side of accessible without being cheesy. If that was Biff DJing I salute you!

We were then meant to go onto Space where we also had Guest-list entrance as part of the prize but peaked too early and after leaving Pacha at about 8.45 am walked back to the Hotel for a brief nap which ended in a 13 hour sleepathon. Doh!!

Still, nevermind that was my fifth time to Ibiza I will be back soon...