30th august - 6th september?




its gona be my first time, and im bursting with excitment allready!, godknows what im gona be like on the day!!!

but anyway, is anyone else going on this date?, if so im always up for meeting new people!

looking foward to we love sundays, and pacha 30th annaversary with sasha!! :D
i'll be there from 22nd aug til 5th sept

c u in space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 30th - Sept 9th for me!!!! This will be our first time too!!! :D
31st August till 11th September. Damn I can't wait !!! Second time here and the waiting is like hell, cause you know what to expect :twisted: => fun, fun ,fun
hugoboss said:
August 30th - Sept 9th for me!!!! This will be our first time too!!! :D

id love to go for 10 days, but my ickle lad starts primary school on the 10th, so i canny do it :(

but sod it 7 days is better than nothing! :D
I'm there 24th August - 7th September in Jet, Playa Den Bossa.

Sounds like a knees up could be the order of the day. :D

hiya all, im off san an 25/8 til 5/9 neva bin b4 so am real excited abt it!! it all sounds so gud, so many places so little time! where abts is every1 stayin?

Already so excited, I don't need drugs any more :D :D
2nd time around...2 years ago....got hooked then. :eek:
Took me at least 2 weeks to get rid of the urge to go back.
Decided to go again...hope te be recovered in october ;)