3 days to go!


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Hi guys :)

Just wondered if anyone could give me some bus advice for arriving this Wednesday (20th)? I wanted to know best route from airport to El Coto Apartments (Cala Gracio). I am imagining I will need to get a bus to San An and change?

Bus numbers/advice much appreciated.

I am having trouble downloading the timetable on my work computer.

Oo and btw - how is the weather this week? Weather reports online are all conflicting!

San Antonio-Airport (Line 9) - San Antonio-Hotel Palmira-Hotel Arenal-Hotel Puchet-Hotel S'Anfora-bar Boulevard-Can Cala-San Agustín-Can Verger-San José-Can Pex Xica- Can Fornis-Can Puvill-Cova Santa-Airport

To San Antonio via San Jose - the number 9 bus shuttle leaves from the stop outside of arrivals at 7.45, 9.15, 10.45, 12.15, 13.45, 15.15, 16.45, 18.15, 19.45, 21.15, 22.45 & 00.15. In July and August there are services at 1.45 and 3.15. The return service is 7.00, 8.30, 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 14.30, 16.00, 17.30, 19.00, 20.30, 22.00 & 23.30 and July/August services 1.00 and 2.30.

jump in a taxi then to your hotel.around 4/5 euro if that..get off near the egg if you can or the hotel arenal is a stop on route.walk back to square for taxi rank.
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Surely it's easy to find your way round Ibiza.. it's a small island right? You can drive from one side to the other in 20 minutes can't you?
If you have an aversion to taxis and are at San An bus station at the right time:
The #1 bus to Stella Maris would suit you,hourly from 8.30 to 13.30 then 16.00 to 21.00.
Get off at hotel tanit :)
There is no Bus Service from the Airport to San An until mid June.

You will have to take Bus into Ibiza town, then another to San Antonio.

Then you take the number 1 bus from San An to Stella Maris, which is the nearest stop to your apartments.
Surely it's easy to find your way round Ibiza.. it's a small island right? You can drive from one side to the other in 20 minutes can't you?

It's not that small and I don't think you can drive from one end to another in 20 minutes - unless you have a very fast car and you are speeding. The area is approximately 571.04 km².
ok if if the bus #9 does not start till mid june.then its bus number 10 to ibizatown.walk up to other station to get the bus number 3.then 1
The Ibiza Airport bus service (line 10) departs every half hour from a stop immediately outside arrivals from 06.50 to 23.50... info might not be correct so check, but depends wether or not the new station will be open.by the news i hear it will be done before the start of the season.but does not say which season.which means it will not drop off on street like it used to.have to wait and see.

by the way you could maybe do it in san an to ibiza town in less than 15mins now.i hear the limit is going up to 100.from 80.soon.think the other way end to end would take 25 mins.on a clear road
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I'm arriving too on the 20th and onto the Tanit, Cala Gracio. Going for the taxi option. Weather reports are indeed conflicting. Looking at the webcams it seems that The Weather Channel appears the most accurate.
Bez, regarding where to get off of #1 bus,take a look at one of those nice little spotlight maps with both Tanit and El Coto named and pinpointed ;)
spainish airport guide..... ok times may differ but who is right and who is wrong.??.buses never run on time anyway.depends how many drop offs and pick ups on the journeys..edit info if wrong ok.
Hmmm... think I shall got for a taxi! Who knew buses would be such a mission out of season!

Thanks for all of the advice! :)