2nd to Ibiza???


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Been to Ibiza last 2 years and going again this year in September.
However wanted to go somewhere different in June/July.
What's the 2nd best clubbing resort to Ibiza??
Ayia Napa?
Im sorry but there is nowhere at all like Ibiza, I have been to Magalluf and my god I will never go back. It is just full of chavy brits going on holiday to fight, Stay in Ibiza, Nothing will ever compare to it!!

They had a Cascada DJ set in BCM when I say there, Says it all really... It was just some bloke playing cascada tunes but all the thick chavs actually thought he was Cascada.
Iv bin to Magaluf, wouldnt ever go back... sh1t hole doesnt come close...

Full of w@nkers wanting to fight everyone and the clubs / music scene is awfull.

Been to Malia also and thought pretty much the same!

Ibiza is defo the place to be!