2nd time in Ibiza 18/08-01/09:


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There were things better than last year but unfortunately also things worse. It's a bit long but I couldn't do it shorter ;-)

My friend and I arrived in Ibiza on Monday 18th for 2 weeks. We stayed at the Hotel Don Toni Playa Den Bossa (in front of Space).

Privilege Tiesto: We took the privilege bus at about 00.30 in front of the bora bora. We had booked our tickets on the internet and we got a “guess entry”. We had no queue and we entered the privilege by the big bowl you can see from the street. I didn’t know that it was possible to enter by this side and that it was a “sitting room” during the night. Thus we entered by the bowl and …. Whow! From this bowl you enter the privilege from the top part and you have a amazing view of the privilege. The DJ playing before Tiesto was annoying and I began to be tired after 1hour set. We thought that Tiesto would come around 2 and tried to find a good place to wait for the beginning. We waited, we waited,… and he finally came at 2.45!!! It has been so long to wait that I needed 1 hour set from Tiesto to wake up again. He played good music but I missed all the “magic” usually going with Tiesto when he is in concert (fireworks, lasers…). But the big screen was nice as well as the air blow. I just think that 50eur is much for only 3 hours set!

La troya Space: we arrived at around 1.00 and I think it was the good time because we had no queue and 1 hour later it was crowded. It was a nice atmosphere, nice DJ (DJ oliver was really good!) but crowded. It is difficult to find a good place because you always have the impression that you are in the way of the people moving to the bar or toilets.

We love space 1st week: it is THE party that disappointed me. Last year I had my best time there but it was not recognizable. I loved the atmosphere on the sunset terrace during the day. We arrived at around 5p.m and there was only about 50 people inside whose 30 where staff people! The music was very quiet. I was very surprised to see Jonathan Ulysses arriving at 5.30 as there was only about 100 people and no one really dancing… He began to play and made the atmosphere. There was not lots of people but the music he played made everyone dancing and shouting as usual. After that, ther was a girl playing (don’t remember her name but she was not so good), Alex Tailor and finally Tom Novy. At 10p.m there was many people but it was not too much crowed. After 12.00 we went inside but there was nobody, not the half terrace was crowed. I suppose that the people came later but I left at 1 because my friend was tired.
My conclusion for this day was that the music was good, we had place to dance (not like last year..) but it was not Sundays as space as I knew it! I didn’t have such a great time that last year.
We love Space 2nd week: we arrived before 6 because there was a reduction of 20eur before 6 (->40eur). And nobody there. This was our last party and it was not good. There was nobody on the sunset terrace and there was not good DJ as Jonathan Ulysses or Tom Novy to make the atmosphere (Alex Taylor was there but too early…). From 18 to 22 the music was not good and form 22 to 24 it was better but not very good. This time, after 12.00 it was crowded as last year but I left at 1.00. We love Space was for me the day party on the sunset terrace with good music, people shouting and hands up and I didn’t find that this year. I really missed day party at space!

Amnesia Cream: my best night this year! Whow!!! I like the way they change the configuration of rooms. It’s better now. It was a special cream edition with the Swedish house mafia (axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello) in the terrasse. The music was as I love it! It was crowed , very crowded but it was possible to dance. The way those DJ play make everybody hands up, shouting… etc: perfect!! Eddie Haliwell was also excellent (first time I saw him and had a great time).
The music in the main room was not really good, music was electro and not trance and I don’t know the names of the DJ playing.
VIP @Amnesia: I wanted to asked to doorman what means “giogoi” written at the top of the VIP and he answered “only one person” “???” I realized that I thought that I wanted to go to the VIP and I said “OK…”. My friend was not allowed to come because he had ¾ trousers… Or he had to pay 20 eur… I went to the VIP and I took amazing pictures and videos from the VIP room! Whow! The view is amazing!
We left a little bit before the end around 6.40. We had rent a car and we asked people who needed to go to playa den bossa and we took two English people back to the hotel. Nice experience.

Bora Bora: it is not Bora Bora as you knew it. There is no music before 4.30. From 4.30 to 6.00 there are people but I found that there was no energy. The reason for me is that the music now is only inside (you only hear music outside because they open the doors) and because there are not people coming out form space who are “motivated”. You have to wait till 7p.m but it is not like before, the place to be is inside and not outside anymore and moreover it is really hot (no air conditioning or fans). The music is good but I preferred when people danced outside. And after 9.pm there is less and less people, especially outside. But I had still great time there!

Streets of playa den bossa: very quiet! Too quiet! The bar are often closed and to attract people they must propose happy hours or other reductions.

Tip for camera: I took my camera at every parties. I took more than one hour film during my 2 weeks there! Souvenir! It is not difficult for the girls who have a small camera: between your legs (yes yes even with skirt lol). It worked! Be careful for Space because they search deeply, even under your bra!

San Antonio: it was the first time that we went to san an and we found it very very nice! The sunset at café del mar or café mambo is the evening meeting at san an, beautiful. We also went to the bay with all the shops and the bars. Whow this is very different than playa den bossa! I love playa den bossa because the beach is beautiful, it is quieter, close to bora bora and space but it is good to spent 2 or 3 evenings in san Antonio. We rent a car (because it is too long to go with the bus…) and to make it not so expensive, we went to Amnesia after the evening in san Antonio and we took 2 people back to playa den bossa for 15eur. Finally it was about the same price that we would have to pay if we took a taxi to go to Amnesia and go back to the hotel.

In two words, I had a great time there ( Cream @Amnesia was the best night!!) but I really missed the day parties @ bora bora outside or We love Space sunset terrassa… The day parties were my best time in Ibiza last year. I also missed the feeling that there are people dancing 24H/24H, that there are people in “before party” meeting people in “after party” and that it never ends… But I still loved my holidays.
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I forgot to say that the parties I went to didn't close at 6.00 but at 6.45-07.00!

It is good to know because I left tiesto and La troya at 5.50 to avoid the queue at the end and I realized later that they closed at 07.00! :twisted: