2nd--10th aug



Dates you were there: got there on sunday 3rd at 6am and left sun 10th at 4am!!!

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): stayed in a top quality appartment (ahem) called the Vistra alegre up in san an not too far from west end

Club nights visited: we only went to es paradis on the sunday night to and old skool night,,,,

Best Night: es paradis

Worst Night:es paradis

Best Bar: quite liked mambo on the beach...very chilled

Best Place to Eat: ITACIA i think its called...its on the beach next to bar m....very nice

Money Spent: £1000 for a wekk but did bring home a couple of cigs (3000)

Biggest Regret: not getting up to go to space

Going Back?: i would hope so though no plans yet

Top Tip: Get an air con room...pay the extra