2manydjs....take a look at this!!


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Taken from their official website
the un-authorised, un-official story

"i'm sick of it, please, no more phonecalls..i can't afford myself doing so much work for such little output!" - anonymous record-company spokeswoman.

it's been almost three years in the making, it took one record company employee more than six months of hard labour, 865 e-mails, 160 faxes and hundreds of phone calls to contact over 45 major and independent record-companies.
a total amount of 187 different tracks were involved from which 114 got approved, 62 refused and 11 were un-trackable.
it caused massive headaches and sweaty palms to employees of 'clearance centres' and record companies all over the world.
but it's finally here. it's about 62 minutes long and there's 45 (or is that 46?) tracks on it.
it took seven long days and nights to cut, edit, mix and re-edit it all together and it f***ing rocks!

Take a look at the track listing....

kylie minogue - can't get you out of my head (soulwax elektronic mix)
emerson lake & palmer - peter gunn (live)
basement jaxx - where's your head at (head-a-pella)
peaches - f*** the pain away
sly & the family stone - dance to the music
ready for the world - oh sheila (a capella)
dakar & grinser - i wanna be your dog
ural 13 diktators - disko kings
bobby orlando - the "o" medley
felix da housecat - silverscreen shower scene
the stooges - no fun
salt 'n pepa - push it
hanayo with jürgen paape - joe le taxi
the jets - cruch on you (a capella)
funkacise gang - funkacise
soul grabber - motocross madness
lil louis and the world - french kiss
zongamin - serious trouble
garbage - androgyny (thee glitz mix by felix da housecat)
frank delour - disc jockey's delight vol.2
the residents - kaw-liga (prairie mix)
carlos morgan - shake your body(the jacksons)
alphawezen - into the stars (firebirds remix)
interstellar - concepts
nena - 99 luftballons
destiny's child - independent women part 1
10cc - dreadlock holiday
dolly parton - 9 to 5
royksopp - eple
arbeid adelt - death disco
jeans team - keine melodien feat. mj lan
skee-lo - i wish (a cappella)
maurice fulton presents stress - my gigolo
the breeders - cannonball
the cramps - human fly
the wildbunch - danger!high voltage
op:l bastards - don't bring me down
adult - hand to phone
vitalic - la rock 01
queen of japan - i was made for loving you
new order - the beach
detroit grand pubahs - sandwishes (a capella)
lords of acid - i sit on acid (soulwax remix)
streamer feat private thoughts in public places - start button

I strongly urge everyone to try and get a copy of it...theres nothing like it!!! :D :D
I have the one that was released and copies of the 4 other ones. They’re all fab. :D
Is there not 6 different soul wax cd's? They are good, especially the first time you hear them but i reckon you can get bored of them pretty quickly.
think they played in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. cant even remember there names. simon and paul or somethin like that.......or perhaps im thinkin of paul simon :confused: :D
I know. It happens to me all the time. When I press the BACK key my message is sent again. :oops:
Anyone get to see them at the MTV Aquasonic party? I was all geared up to see them headline, arrived at around 9pm to find that they had played earlier to a very small crowd :cry:. It turned out that they were also playing that night at a festival in St Malo so they switched their slot. I was gutted!! Also did anyone see the Aquasonic program on MTV Dance last Sunday? I believe it is being repeated on MTV UK on Sept 7th.
Think i saw it last night. was it being presented by the cuban brothers? if it was then i heard some fella bein interviewed and said that 2manydjs were the best they saw at it. not meanin to rub it in or anythin. :rolleyes: :D
spottydog said:
Is there not 6 different soul wax cd's? They are good, especially the first time you hear them but i reckon you can get bored of them pretty quickly.

Yeah they are all quite similar.
Im sure theres 8 last time I looked.

There playin Coachella and even If I dont make that there playin bugged out liverpool soon :p