27.03.2010//MoS//Hi-Tek Soul//Derrick May/Osunlade/Theo Parrish

Saturday Sessions presents
Hi-Tek Soul


Derrick May
Theo Parrish


Jim Masters
Alexander Robotnick
Kirk Degiorgio
Tomoki Tamura

Loft: Micron

Make Me DJs
Danny Raper
Presuming Ed
David Goodchild
Tom Buxton
Micron DJs

Baby Box: Electronic Sessions

Stefan B
Ash Borg


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Hi Tek Soul makes it first appearance of the year with an unbelievable line up of talent. Hailing from Detroit, Derrick May takes full acclaim for starting off the techno revolution with his infamous tune ‘Strings of Life.’ Returning to his only London resident for an epic night of tech, the legend is joined by relentless DJs, Theo Parish & Oslunade. Theo Parish has stirred up interest over the last few decades with his distinctive productions and edgy sound. Probably one of the most talked about artists, his sets have been turning heads all over the world. Osunlade is somewhat of a god when it comes to productions, his unique sounds elaborate a deeper side of the house genre, with his tracks exploding over dancefloors , 2010 looks set to be another successful year for the music mogul. In 103, Jim Masters is joined by Alexander Robotnick, Kirk De Giorgio and Tomoki

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£15 Advance // £6 from 4am // Students £10 All Night
Tickets available from:
www.ticketweb.co.uk // 08444 771 000

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Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt Street
0870 060 0010
Nearest Tube: Elephant and Castle
We interview Jim Masters



We sit down with Jim Masters to hear all the gossip about Hi-Tek Soul

Tales from the club?

Topically I noticed Richie's playing at Ministry of Sound on the May bank holiday and it's on the website as the first time he's played the club, well actually.............There used to be a legendary sunday club called full circle and Carl Craig and Richie were playing there. Anyway I had the keys to the club so about 50 various London DJ's, promoters, liggers etc came back with us, we opened up the club, fired up the system and basically had a private audience with Richie & Carl till about 8am on the Monday morning! You should have seen the faces of the people working in the Ministry office as they were coming in the front and I was smuggling people out the back!

Your history as a DJ?

Long! kicked off in the mid 80's playing at rare groove, soul parties, discovered acid house in '88 and have spent the last 22 years getting on planes playing music I love. I have been fortunate enough to have had residencies at clubs like Space in Ibiza, Twilo in New York, Industry in Toronto and of course at the Ministry. I Have also been lucky enough to travel to all parts of the world and play at amazing festivals and clubs.

Anything upcoming from the Masternator?

New onionz remix, new ep's on endemic & variance, more Hi-Tek-Soul & Balance nights and a new live show later this year.

What are your pet hates?


Highs of being a DJ?

Hearing music you love being loved by people into music.

Last location you played?

Bloc weekend - immense!

How long have you been growning your hair?

Since I was born!


Been there, done it, forgotten about it. It was good 1991 - 2001.

Have you ever been star struck?

Tell Savalas - back stage at miss world, London sometime in late 80's/early 90's.

Favourite place to play?

It used to be Portugal but I still love playing in London town. My favourite gig ever was probably rock in Rio Festival - 250,000 people!!

Embarrassing stories from previous events?

Ssssh I won’t tell if you won’t....

Best DJ’s you have seen play?

Weatherall, Del Boy, Fabio, Humphries in his day and Harvey.

Top 5 dance artists?

Carl Craig, Leftfield, UR, Massive Attack, Autechre

Any secrets about Derrick that you can tell us?

I love living too much!! Oh go on then... Ibiza '92 him & Diesel (xpress2) running round our villa with bin liners as capes being transman & transboy.....(the link is transmat)

Where did you use to clubbing?

Shoom, Pirate club, Energy, Trip, Boys Own, Flying, Drum Club etc etc before that I was a mod so lots of weekenders by the seaside

What are you most looking forward to on the 27th?

Catching Theo Parrish on that system, man he will give that soundsystem a proper workout

The story of Hi-Tek Soul?

My involvement comes with working with Derrick for a long, long time. There was an excellent film called 'High Tech Soul' based on a book by Dan Sicko which documented the birth and ideolgy of Detroit techno. It really gets across the point of the fusion between feeling, soul, emotion and the music of the machines that is Hi-Tek Soul. It sums up perfectly what the night is about, I don't think the music could have started anywhere but Detroit with it's long history of black soulful music (tamla anyone??) and the vast industrial megalith that is the US car industry being based there. Keeping to the history of the night as opposed to the history of Detroit techno (we could be here a long time...) after an absence of 10 years Ministry invited myself and Derrick back to play at the club, the night went so well that we thought we'd make it a regular thing and Derrick had this new Hi-Tek Soul project he wanted to kick start and the rest is history.....

Weirdest request from a fan?

Isn't this a family show...?

Longest set that you have ever played?

9 hours all night at Ministry of Sound.

Thoughts on choc ices?

Prefer '99's!

Straight or spangled?


Best techno track ever made?

Red Planet - Stardancer

Thanks xx