26 June to 6 July 09


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Anyone else a bit obsessed like me and booked already? Staying San An, looking forward to Roger Sanchez at Amnesia, I will miss going to see him at Pacha though.
Anyone looking forward to seeing that blue sky again? xx
LOL obsessed ive bin booked since sept last yr where bouts in san an u stayin im at the hotel pacific from 24th june - 1st july
Hi, as Im going for 10 days Im doing 5 in Marco polo as its near buses so I can go other side island easily, then 5 days in Florencio, as they know me in there, and they are nice modern rooms.
What ru looking forward to the most! Top 5 list!
Me and a mate will be in San An from the 26th to the 29th , and god i'm looking forward to it. But we are so obsessed that when Easyjet had a sale on we booked to Fly in on the morning of Tuesday 2nd of June and fly out at 1am Thursday 4th so just 40 hours in Ibiza ahed of our main trip but every minute is worth it.
Ha ha! ur crazy! I entered a competition to go to Wonderland opening earlier in June, so I could be making 3 trips out there! August prices are ridiculous so have not booked the second one yet. Nearly £300 for daytime flight, gutted.
Me and a buddy booked back in.....err.. I forget actually, but a while ago! :) 2 weeks from 24th june/8th july at Casa Maria.

Cant wait to get back there, my sixth time although not looking forward to £1=1 euro ! :/

This will be my 12th time and I will go every year till the end of time. There's a special shop I go to where the cava is 2.85 euros, not surprisingly they all know me in there!!