25/12/02 at space sucked



it was empty, with nasty people and the music sucked.
i hope its different in news year
how unusual!!!!. i should hope it would be a lot better on new years day!!

report back when you recover...

It is xams and nye by the way.

Pacha is open at weekends, so are a some others, and a few bars.
But most clubs open up again for xmas and nye....

sorry to correct you robo, but most clubs are not open here for xmas and nye. the problem for the clubs here of course is that ibicencans are not that interested in them - they are purely and simply for tourists with lots of money.
however there are many more than a few bars open here at the moment - ibicencan life revolves around bars and restaurants - but practically every bar closes on xmas eve and nye and everybody goes out to nice restaurants to start, then to the big organised parties in the towns. true pacha is open at weekends amnesia for nye and space for nyd and xmas day, but at this time of the year the 'spirit of ibiza' is about ibicencans - not hordes of 'ecstatic' clubbers here for a fortnight.