24hr shop in San An


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I think its called Whipps, but what is the crack with this place. I never went last year but heard some decent things. So what happens, I guess you go after the club, is it like a load of workers sat around chatting etc. :confused:

Can anyone shed any light :?:
whipps is a savior when you come out the clubs needing a shop!!!! we only went in to get water or beer on our way home but there was allways plenty of people sat arround drinking or eating.

to sum it up its a 24 hour shop with seats outside!!

the ony reason people are there is cause its the only place open were they can sit down and come down :)
whipps is cool as f**k and a life savour at times?? always good fun to see the state of people in there at 6am.
where exactly is it, i was in San An last year and never noticed it but to b honest i wish i had known about it cos at 6 in the morning u never know wot u need. I am headng back out in 4 weeks so would love to know where it is so i can check it out.

Thanks :D xxx
what kind of shoops exist in ibiza?? ZARA ? ?pull & beer?? Mango??tipical spanhish marks no?
Whipps is wicked!

After going clubbing me and my bf would go in there to buy more booze n munchies! :p

Its down by the egg , u have to walk past all the food places first an u will see it
you cant miss it. its got a big bright sign all the way around the top of the shop saying 24hour.

im off on wed

cant wait!
Whipps is for the messy kind!

Cool to chill out or chat shit untill the sun comes up.

Be carefull of the gard civil and police though, just got back ffrom iniza nd seen a girl get maced in the eyes! was her own fault like but they take no shit!