24 yo Male's first trip heading out on June 25 - 30th - Solo


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Hey whatsup guys? I'm an American dude living in the Middle East and I haven't been more excited about a trip in a very, very long time. I know its short, but I intend on making the absolute best of it my friends.

I'm going solo, mainly because my friends are either too broke to join me or can't take time off work. Also I like the feeling of traveling alone and leaving everything behind.

First I'm heading out to Barcelona on the 23rd, then on the 25th flying to Ibiza. I'll be staying at the Ibiza Rocks hotel in San An. (not because I like rock, but I heard its a great place to meet friends and hot girls who speak english and generally have a wild time).

Basically I am approaching this in a similar way to the other American dude was: I live in a conservative ass country, want to escape and have the time of my life. I am also very into electronic dance music. I spent the better part of 2008 self introducing myself to the whole Acid house movement (and everything that came with it).

I wanna check out the tightest clubs but also places like the Zoo Project, and if im lucky enough, I'll try to find an underground party. I also am excited about beach parties like Bora Bora (although I hear its quiet these days) and other things that make Ibiza unique.

Anyway, who wants to meet and accompany my on my adventures?
I'm staying on the island from june 25th to july 4th and i'm solo. I'm staying at Playa del Bossa and it's my third to Ibiza. If you wanna hang out, let me know. I'm glad to meet new people. I'm from Finland by the way.