23 to 28 June PdB/SA


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Hey everyone ✌🏻!

I will be solo travelling in Ibiza for 5 days from 23 June to 28 June (the week before I‘m with some friends of mine in Mallorca but unfortunately these guys have to go back to Germany on 23 June).

I’ve been on Ibiza several times before and would want to stay in PDB or SA this time - and wanna party all day all night 😉🎉🎧
I’m looking forward to meet cool , funny
people 😃 anyone around or interested?



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I'll be there the same dates. staying in ibiza town first two nights then san an. Definitely going to circoloco monday if youre interested


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We're there from June 19 til 25th of June.
Thinking of making a WhatsApp group to bring people together when they want to. Send me a PM and Ill sort it out :)